Simona Halep and Mr Dragnea’s Romania

Day 163/365: We live in two different Romanias today…

Simona Halep and Romania are two different stories. Simona is Romanian, of course, but she is everything that Romania isn’t at the moment.

Simona is a joy to be around. She just won the most important trophy in tennis, the 2018 Roland Garros cup. She is the number one player in the world, which means she is better than every single other player on this planet. She is now a confirmed champion, winning her first Grand Slam final after three losses, two at Roland Garros and one at the Australian Open.

Romania is not a joy to be around. Romania is a country divided because of one’s party decision to stand its ground even if the country is totally against it. The party’s leader, Mr Dragnea, gathered 200.000 people in the Victory Square of Bucharest on Saturday, to “protest” about the “parallel state” the president and other national institutions supposedly put together.

A proven criminal ruling the country

The truth is, Mr Dragnea is already charged and proven guilty with more than one infraction, the most famous being using his influence to mess with some elections. Well, to mess with more than one election, to be more precise. Yet even though he’s a proven illicit person, he’s still the president of the Chamber of Deputies, which tells you more than enough about Romania and its political state as of today.

Mr Dragnea wanted to prove to the West and Russia that the people are still behind him, so he used $15 million of our money to hire buses and drive old people from around the country to Bucharest, where they could vouch for his legitimacy and against the “parallel state” he and his party are against.

95% of the people at the protest had no idea why they were there. They fought for some bottles of water, fainting after staying in the scorching heat for hours until their beloved leader Mr Dragnea finally showed up. And when he did, he talked for some minutes about how he’s so great and how the president and his secret services are so bad.

But he never talked for a second about what he and his party did all these almost 30 years after the Revolution. About how Romania has no infrastructure, no education, no health, no social services, no financial power on the markets, no nothing. He forgot about those things and decided to just stay with the essentials.

Romania vs. New Romania

Simona Halep won the most important trophy in tennis just as the protesters were gathering in the Victory Square in Bucharest on Saurday. People cheered and applauded her as the match was streamed on the monitors. The crowds exploded when she won the match point.

When Mr Dragnea showed up in the square, some 4 hours later, a few people shouted about how awesome he was. But not even those people, who’ve travelled for hours from all over the country, believed what they were shouting about. They mostly played chess on their phones, while their supreme leader, let’s call it that for fun, talked about Romania.

Can you spot the differences? Me neither… — Source

His Romania is perfect, but only if he is spared out of prison. If not, his Romania becomes our Romania, a Romania as fair, clean and prosper as Simona Halep. As a simple Romanian who loves his country, I hope the victory of Simona and the loss of Mr Dragnea and his ridiculous protest will forever change the way young people view this country.

The party of ridiculousness

Yesterday, when Simona came back from Paris, she was greeted by some of her friends and family, along with some officials, at the main airport in Bucharest. After that, she and more than 20.000 fans gathered at the National Arena for a small celebration.

The mayor of Bucharest, Mrs Gabriela Firea, was simply kicked out of the stadium by shouting when she started talking. She is one of Mr Dragnea party’s most important figures. The pictures are simply beautiful. These are the two “Romanias” I’m talking about.

The moment is captured by Antena 3, a joke of a TV station devoted to Mr. Dragnea’s propaganda

I hope that every single youngster with the right to vote will go out and vote at the next elections. I know for a fact that, if that will happen, we can then start to change Romania into the champion it should be.

We have no other choice, frankly. If the change of power is delayed once more, we as the new generation have no other chance to get our country back from such mallicious characthers as Mr Dragnea.

This is our last chance to ensure a better future for ourselves and our kids. To rise up again as a country and get more thropies like Simona did, not just in sports, but in economics, education, health, infrastructure and all else.

“I don’t have big muscles. I’m not tall. I have power inside.
I fight.” — Simona Halep

We have to do it this time. No more excuses. We have to get rid of their Romania, and get our champion Romania back. We have to look deep inside and find the power to change. It’s time to clean up!

The mess protesters left in the Victory Square after the event — Souce

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