Snow, a Love-Hate Relationship

Day 59/365: I don’t hate snow, but I don’t love it either

The walkway by the river, simply white!

It’s not that I hate snow, but I don’t love it either. I’m a driver, I go everywhere with a car, so when there’s snow outside, it’s slippery and muddy and just ugly. I almost got run over by a courier truck this morning, as the authorities were once again taken by surprise by the snow, although they also received the weather forecast, not just the people.

Yes, I like snow, but just when looking at it from the window of my room while reading a good book and having some hot cocoa. That type of snow is delightful, it’s just beautiful. The minute you have to step out of the comfort of your home and into the actual snow, it’s a totally different story.

As a kid, I used to love playing outside in the snow. We used to get snow for 4 out of 4 winter months, so it was a blast to be able to gather our sleds and just go on the top of the hill outside of our village and ride it all the way down, and then again, and again, and again until our clothes were drenched.

One of the main roads of my hometown, kind of all right…

Back home, we used to change, grab a bite to eat and then go out again, this time in front of our houses to play football in the snow. They were Heaven on Earth, those times, we used to do it every single day of the week, including Mondays, and we never skipped one practice run.

Nowadays, snow is more ugly than beautiful. But is it? I mean, snow never changed, and neither did we. Yes, we are responsible people now, with bills to pay and relationships and dramas and whatnot, but in the end, isn’t it all about how we perceive and respond to things and situations?

Maybe as adults, we forgot to see snow for what it was back in the days, a playground offered by God, a neverending source of fun and laughs, a piece of ourselves during every single winter. Snow was more than frozen water. It was a memories creator. The best memories creator ever!

I don’t hate snow, but if it were possible for us to get it just in the afternoons, when we get back home from work and then have it gone by next morning, that’d be great…

Main intersection, with busses that sledge like they’re at the Korean Olympics…

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