So Here’s Why I Love Italy

Day 128/365: I mean, do I even need to give out reasons?!

View from when I leave the guesthouse in the morning. Every morning, more beautiful than the last…

I’m in Italy for a few days, in the sublime region of Veneto. I got here on Sunday, after a short 1-hour flight from home to the Treviso Airport, 40 minutes away from the Venetian lagoon. I am accommodated somewhere near Treviso, in a small town, at a small family-owned guesthouse.

The setting is surreal

I wake up in the morning and, while brushing my teeth, I look out the window and see the vineyards flowing from the top of the hills, all the way down to the bottom of them. It’s like a perfect Bruegel painting, if my favourite painter were Italian.

Then go down to breakfast, and that’s where even more magic happens. We’re served Italian home made pastries every single morning. I know, they’re not on my diet, but who cares? Look at them!

After that, I go back to the room, fill some bottles with water, put on my shoes and I’m off to a day of walking the hills. I can’t seem to get enough of the feeling I get when doing this. It’s so calming, so inspiring, so perfect. It’s almost meditative!

In the afternoon, thanks to my love for trains and Italian train stations, I can go downtown and take a $6 train to Venice. For a 50 minutes ride on a clean and fast train, that is simply great value for your bucks. You don’t need more than a few hours in this city to find out why Italy is such an amazing place. Why it has been ever since the beginning of history.

The truth is, I would give up a trip to any corner of the world for two or three weeks of riding trains around Italy. The landscape, the monuments, the food, the wine, the hills and the sea, Venice, Rome, Milan, Sicily, they are all pieces of art in themselves. Left on Earth by an all-loving God who knew people would need places like Italy from time to time.

This is more than a country. It’s a recharging station. A meditative land. The country of the countries. Italy is simply your breath of fresh air that will last you throughout the year.

Thank you for your time!

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