Stop Blaming Facebook For Your Addiction

Day 211/365: Facebook is not responsible for your lack of control…

Photo by Tim Bennett on Unsplash

Listen, I don’t think Facebook should be blamed for anything. It’s ultimately the people who decide if they want to be on a platform or not. And if they do, it’s ultimately their choice if they want to spend 10 minutes or 600 minutes a day on that certain platform.

Facebook is just a platform, a site that lets you see a bunch of stuff on a wall, interact with a friend or two by liking or commenting on their pictures and offering a messaging service that’s free, reliable and convenient.

The truth is, I come to realise Facebook is not the ultimate bad thing people engage with on a daily basis. We spend so much time on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Medium and many other platforms, it seems it’s just a matter of choice about which of these platforms we allow the most in our daily lives.

Facebook, a temporary solution to something else

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on Facebook, just limit your time to a few minutes a day and that’s that. There’s no magic formula, there’s no secret sauce, there’s just that, the realisation that Facebook is just a tool and not something you should engage with minute by minute.

Facebook is not a nagging thought that won’t leave your consciousness, and it shouldn’t be treated like one. Facebook is just a thought that you can have once in a while and then let it go for hours before interacting with it again.

This is very liberating and freeing. It gives you the wheel and full control about when, why and how you’re using Facebook. It lets you decide whether you want to stay a minute more on the platform or not. It lets you leave the site at your own will, without restraints.

The addiction is within yourself

Blaming Facebook for being addictive is stupid. The truth is, we humans get addicted to stuff like Facebook because of personal matters, not because Facebook happens to be a platform on the internet.

My honest opinion is, Facebook is not the root of your internet addiction. You need to look deep down inside and understand why Facebook seems to be the best idea every other minute for you. Questioning the addictiveness of Facebook is just a small piece of the puzzle. The real question you should ask yourself is why you spend so much time on this site.

Why Facebook?

Facebook itself can’t be the reason for your time overspending on the site.