Stop Hiding Under Your Depression Umbrella!

Day 117/365: No, you’re most likely not sick. You’re just a coward!

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“We’re living dark times, there’s no denying.”

Remember this line from the beginning of the last Harry Potter movie? Or was it the second to last movie? Can’t remember at this hour. Anyways, the truth is, people have all the reasons in the world to be miserable. To feel bad and alone. To be desperate and fear everything that they do. To get bouts of anxiety the second they put their heads on the pillow at night, way into the morning hours.

But from here to depression, there’s a lot to be covered. People start using the word “depression” way too easy, way too much and way too uninformed, without having the complete picture of what this word truly means.

We all have our periods of misery

We all go through days, weeks or even months of desperation, grieve or panic from time to time. We don’t want to talk to anybody, we don’t feel like doing much and we sometimes just want to crawl up in bed and never leave.

But for the most part, we are the ones responsible for our misery. We are responsible for the jobs we have, for the significant others we choose to spend our lives with, the material possessions we bought and everything else.

99% of the things that happen to us are simply our fault. The 1% that we can’t be held accountable for is called luck, or bad luck, faith, karma, or any other name you might like to associate with the little percentage of bullshit that we sometimes have to face in life.

That’s part of life too if you didn’t figure that out by now.


We are almost never responsible for it. Depression is a mental disorder. It’s not something that you can’t simply land on and then say “damn it, I have depression”. It develops over years and years, and it has more to it than a simple word. It’s more than a diagnosis.

It’s an illness. A disability. It’s like having a leg cut off, but for the mind. Using the word “depression” lightly, by so many people that are simply too lazy to work on their problems, too scared to climb out of their misery and too anxious about facing anything in life is just not normal.

Healthy people prefer to hide from the world under the depression umbrella when in reality, they are actually mentally fine but just need to work on themselves to get out of whatever the heck they’ve put themselves into. I know this from experience.

Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

One year ago, I was miserable. I had no job, went through two very bad breakups, fought with my family and lost an uncle to cancer, and then some more bullshit. Besides the death of my close relative, I and my actions and words and everything that I did were the only ones responsible for the state that I was in. I felt like crap for weeks, barely wanting to eat and simply never going out because, you know, why bother?

That sounds really bad, right? “He was depressed, clearly very depressed.”

No, I was not depressed. I was simply a fucking coward. Too scared to face the facts. To dumb to do something to change things. Too idiot to tell anyone that I was struggling. I was responsible for the all-time lowest period of my life, and only I. Nobody else. No illness. ME!

I was just scared, naive and miserable. And you know what? That’s fine. We people do that sometimes. And the beautiful thing is, we have the power to rise over things like that.

I got up. I dusted myself off. Walked around the block. Breathe the fresh air. Put everything on paper. Worked on every issue like if it was a math problem. Checked solved problems one by one:

Stop feeling sorry for myself — Checked!

Delete any contact info of my ex-girlfriends — Checked!

Stop eating crappy food — Checked!

Go for a run once every other day — Checked!

Make some new friends — Checked!

Travel, far and beyond far — Checked!

Open a freelancing business — Checked!

Spend quality time with family —Checked!

Delete Facebook from my phone — Checked!

Smile more — Checked!

That’s how you do stuff. One by one. Never by hiding under your problems and declaring yourself as mentally handicapped, because you are depressed. That’s bullshit, 99% of the time.

I know it was bullshit in my case, and I see so many friends and people who are under the depression umbrella and are simply mentally healthy, but cowardly fine with their situation, it really infuriates me. It’s wrong, people!

Please stop feeling sorry for yourself

Please stop saying you’re depressed or crazy. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Seriously! Please start doing something about your struggles. Let the umbrella at home, go out in the rain and do something about stopping those raindrops.

“Stop the rain? Is this guy crazy??” Trust me, you are so much more capable than you give yourself credit for.

You have no idea just how strong you are!

Thank you for your time!

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