Stress Is Caused By Giving a Fuck

Day 38/365: I am avoiding stress by giving less of a fuck for pretty much anything that I do in life

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Stress is different for every one of us. We all have a certain way of describing it. For me, I can say that I’m stressed out when my head feels like it’s about to explode, my neck is achy and tight and my legs are trembling because I tend to go “full muscle blow”, as in, tense my muscles as a response to stress itself. I’m like a bodybuilder with no gym membership.

What is stress? Stress is when life hits you hard and you get angry/ sad/ tired because of it. It can relate to work, relationships, material gains, travel and so on. Stress is not a disease, but just a response that the body gives us to let us now that we’re about to get a disease if we don’t change something.

How do we deal with stress? Everybody does it in different ways. My way is usually by going for a long walk after a day when I just feel like I can’t take any more work or drama in. I put on my Jordans, I go for a long walk, stop for cheap, vending-machine coffee along the way and when I get home, I take a shower and I’m usually feeling a lot better.

Kill stress by killing its source

So we now know what is stress, how does it manifest into our bodies and how to deal with it. But here’s the main question, the question that can really reveal the other side of stress and can forever remove us from the stress’ path. The question is why do we experience stress? What is its source? Why do we humans always say that we are stressed out? Why never a parrot?

Stress only comes out to annoy us when we give a fuck.

The only way to avoid a good amount of stress in your life is to simply stop giving so much fucks for everything that you do, say or experience. I’m not saying you should just do whatever you feel like, say whatever you dream or go and jump off a moving vehicle on the highway, no. I’m asking you to just simply take your daily life a little bit less serious.

Giving all the fucks for even the smallest problems is what’s causing you to be stressed. By not giving a fuck to these shallow, easy to solve problems and focusing on trying to resolve your way through the day, you’ll find a much greater sense of calm and normality.

Why do you put so much heart and mind and body into everything? Why don’t you do it in moderation, as you should with anything that you do in life? Stop giving a fuck about work, relationships, thoughts, feelings or sensations for just 10 minutes. See how you feel afterwards.

Repeat indefinitely.

Thank you for your time!

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