The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Idiots

Day 65/365: How to immediately recognise an idiot and keep your safety distance from him

You’ve probably heard about this book already, so I’m not going to bother you with details. It’s one of the best books from the “self-help and personal development” spectrum, which has been stuffed with mediocre apparitions in recent years. This one is a good one, although it still has the ingredients of a commercial bestseller that needs to sell, rather than educate.

I thought about a possible sequel for the book, entitled “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Idiots”, in which the author should encompass the everyday habits of people that society considers to be idiots.

As idiocy and effectiveness go hand in hand, aren’t we all idiots and also effective people from time to time? I know I go full brilliant one day, just to come back to Earth and be a total idiot the next. Regardless, here are the 7 habits that idiot people live by day after day.

1. Procrastination

If there’s one thing that idiots do, that’s procrastination. Why would I do that thing now, when I can do it tomorrow. And then tomorrow comes, and the loop starts again. And then years pass and idiots are still wondering how is it that they never got that thing done? Well…

2. Stupidity

Maybe stupidity and idiocy go hand in hand, but there are some important differences. Stupid people know they’re being stupid, but idiots, although they know about it, keep pushing their stupidity for the masses to enjoy. Being stupid is all about a lack of knowledge and education, so an easy fix would be proper school for the individual suffering from it. Convincing the stupid that he needs education, that’s another battle.

3. Aggressivity

“My fists have no rules”, says an old Persian quote. I just made that up, of course, but as a rule, stupid people rely on aggressiveness to make a point or, if they can’t understand you, to literally show you that you’ve failed to make yourself understood. For all of the people who use their fists to come out of an argument on top, they’re idiots.

4. Bad driving skills

Driving is a skill learned by repetition. You go to driving school, you learn how to drive and then you can’t unlearn it. It’s there with you for the rest of your life and even if you take a break from it, the minute you’re in front of a wheel again, your skill is right there with you. Bad drivers are idiots, as they have no excuse for doing what they’re doing in traffic.

5. Inconsistency

This is one of the first things that I look for in a person when trying to establish a new relationship with him or her, regardless if it’s personal, romantic or business. If the person is always late, has little to no scheduling skills, delivers good stuff today, but rubbish for the next three, then that’s enough signage for the idiot badge and total avoidance to be applied.

6. Stubbornness

People that are idiots are almost always unaware of their status. Still, that’s no excuse for their unwillingness to change. People that are stubborn, as in, have no intention of even learning about other opinions and why their own are wrong are idiots. If you’re not opened to change, good, vital, healthy change for you, because you can’t take someone else’s opinion into account, you as a person should never be taken seriously.

7. Greediness

Being greedy is a sign of idiocy. If you’re not using someone else’s fortune and fame as a lesson, but as a reason to get angry and miserable, not only you’ll never be able to get to fortune and fame, but you’ll forever block your future from the possibilities that will arise for you. Greedy people are idiots.

P.S.: What? Oh, the photo at the top? I have no idea how it got there.

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