The American Author Who Found A Purpose On The Other Side Of The Planet

Day 197/365: His story is inspiring!

Sometimes people, good people, get on the wrong track for different reasons. Life happens, which is why people sometimes get on the twisted ways and move forward into the unknown even if they don’t want that.

The truth is, you can never be sure about where you’re going and you need to risk everything sometimes to get out from wherever the heck you’ve landed on.

Jesse was young when he got into trouble. He had substance abuse problems, amongst others, which is why he thought he’s going to remain stuck forever in a wrong lifestyle and an uneventful, pathetic life.

One day, Jesse’s father, who’s been studying Kabbalah for years, asked him to go over a part of Michael Laitman’s book. From that moment, Jesse got to study the method himself and never looked back, simply falling for the texts he was reading on a daily basis.

“I became so absorbed in the material, that I read six books on the subject. I ended up changing the tone and style of Laitman’s book a lot. Though he and his publishing company liked the direction I took, Laitman used very little of my work, and instead, he asked me to move to Israel for six months to write my own book.” — Jesse Bogner

Kabbalah is a method promoting peace and focusing on the revelation of the self, more than anything else. It’s a guide for a new way of living. Suddenly, Jesse had transformed his life to study Kabbalah and soon enough, he was invited to Israel to write his own book.

As he was spiritually dead and depressed, Jesse took no time to say “yes” to the invitation and was soon on a one-way plane ride from New York to Israel. In his first book, “The Egotist” Jesse talks about his experience with finding Kabbalah, but also peace of mind on the other side of the planet.

Kabbalah is not what Madonna says it is, as Jesse explained so many times in his interviews. It’s not a fancy, occult religion for the rich. It’s just a way of thinking and being part of it is totally free. Jesse didn’t really find monetary success in Israel. He’s a writer, and a beginner one, so money was not a motivating factor for him as of now. Instead, he found peace, calm, a group who gets him and purpose, which are way more valuable than anything else.

In his second book, Tikkunim, Jesse published a collection of his best articles. Now, he is on his way to publishing his third book. He’s been working on it for a few years now. “The Gates of Impurity” is going to be a futuristic fiction novel, with hints of post-apocalyptic fiction, literary fiction, magical realism, and spiritual fiction.

I really know Jesse will become a great, successful author one day. He’s on his way, but he still needs to work towards success, as he’s set with the “peace of mind” part of his journey. I can’t wait for his first piece of fiction to come out, as I, even if I’m not a Kabbalist, really enjoyed the truths he wrote about in his first two books.

I can only imagine how cool his first fiction work will be. If you want to learn more about Jesse’s work, you can read about it here. Also, check out his first book here and his second book here.