The Day I Met Marilyn Manson

Day 26/365: It was a sunny Sunday…

Meeting Marilyn Manson was one of the most intense moments of my life. It was the summer of 2009 at the VOLT Festival in Sopron, Hungary, when I happened to be staying at the same hotel the stage manager was staying at. Not just that, but literally in the next room to his.

In the night prior Manson’s arrival, I stumbled upon him at the bar. We talked for a bit, me about my job as a travel journalist (yes, I was doing that back in ’09, so maybe I’m a couple of steps back on the path to success, but who cares?) and him about his job as “the festival guy”, being stage manager for concerts with stars like Manson, but also The Subways (I love that band and I cannot wait for their performance in my country this Summer) Coldplay and other big names.

The meet-up

I wassure the guy was high or making fun of me, but he proved me wrong the next morning, when I met Marilyn Manson in person, got to exchange a few words with a living legend and, of course, got the autograph that you see in the picture above. I only had this Bravo magazine card in my wallet, as I’d never in my wildest dreams thought I could’ve met him.

“If Satan wasn’t around, churches would go out of business” — Marilyn Manson

We really just said hi to the man and nothing else worth mentioning happened, as he was getting ready for the show in the afternoon. He was the main appearance at the Hungarian festival, which was just starting out back in ’09.

These days, Sopron’s VOLT Festival is one of the biggest on the continent, with names like Depeche Mode, Iron Maiden, Limp Bizkit, Skillet and others already confirmed for the 2018 edition.

Look beyond the makeup

If I were to choose just 3 people to meet for 10 minutes out of all the 7.5 billion people on this planet, here’s my list. Firstly, Marilyn Manson, for his intelligence and music, for the message, for the person that he is beyond the freaky, “Satanic” make-up and screamer of his lyrics.

“All the drugs in the world won’t save us from ourselves” — Marilyn Manson

Secondly, there’s Richard Quest (a.k.a. Mr. Business, CNN Chief Economy Anchor) for his showmanship and overall knowledge of everything that has to do with money.

“Whatever you’re up to in the hours ahead, make it profitable” — Richard Quest
Image courtesy of ABC

Lastly, there’s David Blaine, for his inspiration and magic and for being there during my childhood and showing me the secrets beyond the card tricks.

“We are all capable of infinitely more than we believe” — David Blaine

When you first see Marilyn Manson, he is definitely not your typical idol, but in reality, he is such a smart guy, I couldn’t even believe it at first.

Don’t trust me on this, just look for his interviews online and you will be baffled. I think the overall conclusion of this story is that appearance, clothes, tattoos and makeup have nothing to do with the human being breathing, hurting and smiling beneath them.

P.S.: There is another autographed card inside the Black Box that you see in the picture above. David Blaine signed a Ten of Spades for me, which is also my favourite card in the whole deck. I’ll tell you all about it in a future post.

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