The Death Watch of Facebook

Day 83/365: Is this the actual end of Facebook?

It’s been almost two full months since opening my writing services gig and setting up my Upwork profile to look the best. It’s been three months since publishing my first article out of the 365 that I’ll publish here on Medium in 2018. It’s been a great first quarter of the year, no doubt!

It’s been over a month since I’ve met some amazing freelance partners and started working on an agency website with them, so that we can take on our own independent and full projects, rather than searching for jobs privately.

Work and everything else

It’s been almost three months since I landed some of the greatest clients I’ve ever worked with (and still am, fortunately) and that’s been amazing. I keep in contact with them through Upwork, email and Slack, which is great, but also over the phone or Skype with a few of them.

I met most of them on Upwork, but some of them did found me through my personal website, and a few even mentioned reading my articles here on Medium. Heck, some of them even got to me through word-of-mouth, after some of my friends mentioned me at dinner parties or other gatherings. That’s old school marketing, but the best kind of marketing.


In the meantime, Facebook helped me reach 0 (zero) clients. It helped me reach about 10 of my 908 followers of my Facebook page, by the articles that I shared there. It helped me waste my time scrolling down my timeline and see nothing but fake news, silly videos that didn’t interest me or updates from people I didn’t even knew were my Facebook friends.

Also, Facebook helped me keep in touch with some of my close friends. In fact, that’s all that Facebook did for me in the last three months. I rarely even opened the website, as keeping in touch with my buddies is easily obtainable through the Messenger app, or Instagram, SMS, Slack or even phone the outdated, but very fun and simple phone calls, for that matter.

As a result, I’ve deleted the Facebook app from my phone and I logged out of Facebook on my laptop. I now only log in from time to time, usually once or twice each day, just to share my daily blog post and to scroll for maybe 2–3 minutes, and that’s it.

I’ve realised a very important thing about Facebook, despite all of the controversies with the Cambridge Analytica data usage scandal and the Elon Musk decision to wipe out Space X and Tesla’s Facebook pages.

I realised that nowadays if you stripe out everything that Facebook has to offer, you’re left with the addiction. You’re just addicted to Facebook, and that’s true, but when you count in the positives and the negatives, you simply have no reason to stay on Facebook more than a few minutes per day.

There are no benefits for your business. There are no benefits for you keeping in touch with your friends. There are no benefits in you scrolling down reading fake news and ads and watching videos of a bird playing with a dog. Why would you do that over and over, every single day?

We’re witnessing the death watch of Facebook. I’m not going to delete my account just yet, but I’m fighting my scrolling addiction and, although it’s not easy to get rid of something that you’re accustomed to since 2011, if my mom was able to quit smoking after 20 years, and is still not smoking 3 months later, I think I can handle “no more Facebook on my smartphone” with ease.

Thank you for your time!

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