The Hardest Part About Travel Is…

Even if you think you have your passion figured out, there’s still stuff to be learned, every single day. I love travel, but as with any hobby, there’s good, and then there’s bad stuff about it.

Travel seems like such an easy lifestyle. You get up, go to the airport, take the next flight to Paradise or some amazing city, spend a week on the beach, eat the best food and drink coconut water straight out of a coconut, get back to the airport, go to the next amazing destination, repeat.

But as with anything that we humans do, it’s not only the positive that comes out of something, but also the negative. Travel, although people love it and it changes you forever, has a hard part as well. What is the hardest part about travel?

The hardest part about travel is surviving the day before you start traveling, the day before you jump on that plane.

Why? Because that’s when your brain drains you out. All your fears come out and put you on your feet. What if I can’t make it alone? What if I miss my plane? What if the plane crashes into a mountain? What if nobody understands English in Istanbul? What if this is just a big mistake? What if I run out of money, get lost, robbed, bored, drunk?

All you have to do is to just go for it! Once you start doing it, it’s as easy as making a sandwich. Travel is something that you just do, not plan over and over again, because you’ll end up with a bunch of plans on your laptop and no actual flight hours. Get out the door, book a cheap hotel the day before your flight and ignore the voices inside of your head, telling you that you’re up for trouble.

In my case, it’s more excitement than nervousness, the day before my flight, but only because doing it so many times, I’m sort of used to it. For a beginner though, it’s the most terrifying thing in the world. No sleep, constant overthinking the ride to the airport, the flight, finding and checking into the hotel and the whole thing. Again, just go for it, even if you feel like suffocating. You’ll be fine, don’t worry.

If you pass this test, the hardest test when it comes to travel, then you’ll soon discover that travel is bliss.

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