The Perks of Being My Own Boss

Day 115/365: I’m a good boss to myself. Most of the time…

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I am my own boss. I rule with an iron fist until I reach for a book on a higher shelf and dislocate my shoulder. I’m almost 4 months into having my own little writing services/freelancing gig/full-time job that sometimes kills me thing, and so far, being my own boss has been nothing but great.

“Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself” — Unknown

Some of the perks of being your own boss are self-explanatory. No alarm. No deadlines but the ones you sign up for. No 5 hours non-stop work or other slavery-related disciplines. No commute if you don’t feel like it. No changing into work clothes if you’re too moody.

Working Hours

But the real perks of being my own boss have been freedom related, for the most part. I can do as much work as I want, and then stop and get back to it whenever I want to. I can stop writing this article right at this very moment, go out for some shopping or ice cream, take a little nap and then take it from here when I feel like it.

“Hustle until your haters ask if you’re hiring” — Unknown

Sure, it’s common sense to never leave too much work for later, because later becomes never and you’ll be a bad boss with a failing company in the end. Common sense and learning about it is the best perk that comes with the job of being your own boss. You learn how to manage time and simply, how to manage yourself. Which is way harder than it sounds.


My favourite part of being my own boss is that I can’t complain about how much money I earn any more. Do I need more money? I simply pitch a little more and a little harder and get a new client. I don’t have enough money? Well, I am the boss, so it’s probably my fault anyway.

“Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud” — Unknown

I’m not going to argue with myself, right? I’ll just take a moment to see what went wrong and then fix that problematic area of my work. It’s that simple! Or is it? Sometimes it’s hell. They say leadership is nothing more than being the best version of yourself in front of your workers. They also say Eve ate an apple because a snake told her to do so, so what do they know, right?

My boss just called. He wants me to go out for lunch at the Turkish place. It’s a work-related request, I would’ve declined the invitation otherwise…

Thank you for your time!

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