The Secret To Long And Happy Life

Day 320/365: You’d be surprised about it…

“person cooking pizza” by LuAnn Hunt on Unsplash

I’d never be able to say no to a piece of cake.

Or a small bite at KFC.

I know these things are making me sick and will ensure a faster way for me to get fat, heart disease and eventually death, but let’s be honest: what’s life without a little pleasuring?

I got the chance to talk to an old Italian pizza maker for a few minutes this week. I’m in Florence, by the way, staying at this amazing hotel with an unique garden. It’s splendid, just check my Instagram.

He said that the reason he’s still alive and cooking pizza for people all over the world coming to his shop is because he never respected any rules of life. When his parents told him to go to school, he instead went to a local restaurant and washed dishes before being promoted to the peeling station.

He then moved along and started preparing pizza dough, while drinking the wine reserve of the restaurant he was working at little by little every night. In a few years, he opened his own place, which is now operating for over 50 years. He never went on to respect any rules and he still has his glass of wine at the end of his shift.

Of course, the secret to a long life is not in the wine. It’s in enjoying your midnight glass of wine as if it were your last, every single night. Is in really being there for your business, clients, but also family and friends every day. Not by emotionally draining yourself for them, but by encouraging them to become stronger on their own.

The secret to a long life lies in breaking the set rules of the society. If society has such great rules, then why are most people miserable? And why should I follow these rules and expect to make it to 85 and happy?

The secret to a long, happy life is wine, breaking the rules and eating pizza.

Thank you for your time!

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