The Trick Cleopatra Used to Become the Most Beautiful Woman In Ancient Egypt

Day 92/365: There’s more to beauty than meets the eye…

What is it that makes a person beautiful? Is it the way it looks or is it the way it behaves, smells, and so on? Is beauty a universal thing, or is it subject to personal preferences? Can it be defined? What makes your girlfriend the most beautiful person in the world in your eyes, but just a regular girl in the eyes of everyone else who decided not to ask her out?

As it turns out, beauty is average. Literally, what we call beauty is an average image that we create in our brains, which translates to the most desirable person for us being an average individual created from all of the faces that we see during our lifet. We see a lot of people during our forming years, and then some more during school, college and so on.

When all of these faces blend into our minds, that is when the ideally looking person for ourselves pop up. When you see it, you’ll know, because the brain is damn good at remembering and sending you these types of information. I myself see my perfect girlfriend to be the same height as me, redhead, blue or brown eyes and small lips. For you, it might be a totally different picture.

Cleopatra’s Beauty

Of course, there are some tricks that you might be aware of which people use to somehow appear to be more attractive. Make-up, for example, which dates back to Ancient times and is nowadays a multibillion dollars industry. Then you’ve got clothing and footwear, another way to make you more attractive and that has also been around since the beginnings of time.

But what about Cleopatra, considered to be the best-looking women ever to live on Earth? Well, turns out she was also using a psychological and medical trick in order to make her seem more desirable in the eyes of men.

Knowing that larger pupils would make her appear more beautiful and sexually interested, Cleopatra used to spray her eyes with a mixture of water and belladonna, a plant that was causing her pupils to dilate even whitout excitation from external sources, like light or focus.

Don’t put belladonna in your eyes, by the way. Very bad idea!

The Psychological Explanation

If you find something in your environment that’s fascinating, you immediately stare at it and your pupils will dilate in order to let it sink in. If you’re interested in someone, for that matter, your pupils again dilate in order to let you see that person better. Interest increases the size of the pupils.

Imagine you’re interacting and speaking with somebody, trying your best to be interesting, charming and all of that. If their pupils are large, that suggests they’re interested in you and enjoy looking at you. You can see that in their pupils, and you’d love that because you love it when people like you, right?

The same goes with the technique Cleopatra used with his demonic plant that dialated her pupils, attracting the males in her life that would succumb to her every need and demand. It’s not something that would work just for her, but for every single one of us. Yet, try and do it naturally, not with a plant that could ultimately blind or even kill you…

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