There Are No “Bad” Days, Just “Disqualifying The Positive” Days

Day 124/365: If everything fails, don’t disqualify the positive…

Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

Imagine your worst day from this past week.

Let me tell you about mine, until you start replaying yours.

It was the Thursday of this week. It was simply too hot to even enter my black car, let alone drive it. Then, I waited for 40 minutes in line to pay for 2 mangoes and 2 avocadoes. But most importantly, I had to pay $200 for my phone to get a new display. That part was BRUTAL!

But then, looking back, the same day was also the best ever!

It was the day when I got a new client that will basically pay for my vacation. My family’s vacation, to be more precise. Yup, I got myself a whale. Also, it was the day when I went for an amazing bike ride, after which I felt like an athlete. Thursday was also the day I spent some great time with some friends, chilling and talking about everything until late at night.

What most of us do when we say that we had a terrible day is using a cognitive distortion called “disqualifying the positive”. Simply put, there are no bad days, because when you say that, it should mean that the whole day was bad. Which is impossible. You can’t possibly have 24 hours of continuous bad luck, disasters and losses. That’s a big “no-no”.

What you actually do, at the end of a harsh, but not a bad day, is to disqualify even the most obvious good parts of it, and focus soley on the bad parts. This type of thinking is responsible for your saddness, depression, anxiety and other types of mind troubles. By focusing more on the positive of things, you’ll never think about how bad your day was.

I find the best way to deal with situations like these is to count the good, and the bad as well, but never engage in a mind war because of them.

“This day was kind of harsh because I had to pay for my phone and waited in line for 40 minutes and it was scorching hot. Also, this day was kind of nice because I got to land on a new great client, I spent time with friends and so on. It was a day, with all it means, and I’m fine with it.”

Thank you for your time!

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