There Are No Bad Days, Just “Disqualifying The Positive” Days

Day 274/365: “Disqualifying the positive” days…

“beach during daytime” by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Oh my, the perks of being a human being gifted with intelligence, knowledge and learning capabilities. The pleasures of always bringing the storm down upon us, overthinking even the smallest things that should mean nothing to us. Like a dream, a situation, or even a thought.

Psychology talks about a bunch of cognitive distortions. These are the wrong ways of thinking, to be more specific. What, are you surprised that humans turn out to think unhealthy? Come on, it’s only natural!

One of the cognitive distortions that we all have and use on a daily basis has to do with the day itself. We are so easily affected by one single situation or thought, we can simply say that we had the worst day of our lives right now. Sure, it’s not even close to that in reality, as we’ve just cut our finger a bit or snapped in front of our boss and now have to look for a new job.

The thing that we do is we disqualify the positive and then simply go down the rabit whole from there. Yes, cutting your finger and having blood gushing all over the kitchen floor is bad, but that’s not extreme. That’s just a moment of the day. 1% of the day was bad, yes, but there is still 99% of the day left.

Let’s say another 48% of the day was bad. Let’s say you’ve had 49% of bad luck in a day. That’s awful, sure, but it’s still a good day because you’re left with 51% good luck. Let’s even say you had 99% of bad luck today. That’s still not a bad day. You’re again disqualifying the 1% of good fortune you’ve had.

It’s all a choice if you’re talking about how you’re feeling. If you disqualify that 1% of perfection from your day and focus on the 99% of disaster, then yes, you will be miserable at the end of the day. If you on the other hand focus on that tiny speck of good and awesomeness from the cruellest day of your life, you’ll think of it as still a normal, even a good day.

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