There’s Great Good In The Very Bad

Day 319/365: You just have to become aware of it

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

When you lose somebody you love, your world becomes terribly small.

It matters less if you’re losing that person to death, divorce or simply a breakup. The emotional bond gets broken, which means you and that said person are never going to be able to be together again.

Sure, it’s much worse with death, because when the person dies, there’s a 100% certainty you’ll never be able to see or hear that person ever again. With breakups and divorces, there’s still a chance you and the person you loved will once again be able to reconnect.

But for the most part, these breakups are irreversible. They make you miserable. They make you question your choices, actions and ideas. They make you question everything about who you are. They change you. They move you. And they make your world very small.

There’s nothing but you and your mind rumbling away about the moment it all ended, about the outcome and how life is almost meaningless without the person you loved around you.

This is all the bad in the situation. And we as people are “gifted” with seeing the absolute worst in any situation. There’s also a lot of good into a situation like this. There’s the freedom of starting something new. The freedom to reinvent who you are. To learn from your mistakes. To come at peace with what has happened and grow out of it a new individual.

Good comes from any bad encounter, even from death. When you see that a beloved person dies, it gives you a reason to live life a little better. A little more engaged, present and hopeful. Rather than seeing death as an ugly part of life, choose to see it as an incentive, a reason to live the days you have left on Earth a little more engaged in whatever it is that you do.

Seeing the good in the bad is a choice, not just an idea. Embrace the situation and, just like a master perfumer, extract the most amazing teachings out of it and use the good to battle and, finally, overcome the bad.

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