These 12 Letters Will Change Your Life

Day 27/365: 12 letters, that’s all you need to know

A couple of hours ago Simona Halep lost her third Grand Slam Final. She did amazingly well for the conditions given to her and her opponent, Caroline Wozniacki. Playing tennis or any other sport for that matter at 32 degrees Celsius at game time in Melbourne is brutal. After the loss, people naturally started cheering for her, or blame her for her loss.

I blamed her for her loss after the game because I strongly believe she could’ve become the Champion today, but she simply dragged a mental line and renounced to really play in the last two games. This lead to her defeat, not the fact that her opponent was better than her, which she wasn’t.

“I don’t have big muscles. I’m not tall. I have power inside. I fight.” — Simona Halep

The thing is, regardless if Simona has what it takes to ever win a Grand Slam Final or not, she definitely has strong mental health. That is key for athletes if they really want to achieve the impossible, but also for the rest of us. Simona can win and have a blast after that, but after every loss, she is put into an almost impossible state of mind.


The key to a good life is acceptance. It’s the only thing that will ever liberate you from loss, grief and suffering. The moment you are able to accept life the way it is, just the way it is and noway else, that’s when you can start moving forward. Life is all about moving forward. Acceptance is moving forward.

Say No to acceptance and you’ll live a regretful and depressed life because you’ll live in the past. Say No to acceptance and you’ll live a fearful and anxious life because you’ll live in the future.

Say Yes to acceptance and move forward, regardless of the past or the future. Say Yes to acceptance and focus on the present moment. Right now, everything is good.

For those “right now” moments that will make you question yourself down to your core, like when you lose a Grand Slam Final, for example, remember these 12 letters:

It is what it is.

That’s the only sentence that you need to keep in mind whenever you’re facing an obstacle. Everything is just what it is, and what really matters is how you respond to the things that are happening to you.

If you adopt the “It is what it is” belief and really put it to work, you’ll embrace acceptance and no event, regardless if it’s good or bad, will ever be able to turn your life upside down.

I can’t congratulate Simona Halep today, although she’s a Romanian and I should, as far as my compatriots say, applaud her on my social media for the Second Place at the Australian Open. The truth is losing is losing, if you look past the fact that she’s one of us Romanians. I can’t say congrats, I’m sorry, but I’ll stop criticizing her because, in the end, it is what it is.

Thank you for your time!

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