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Day 118/365: You know me? Now you know me better.

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You know when people tell you to describe yourself in five words or less? Or to tell them who you are using just one phrase? That’s stupid, especially if you’re at an interview. Seriously, you can’t know absolutely anything about the stranger in front of you by just asking him something so basic and general.

If you really want to know a thing or two about your future employee, or about the girl or boy you like and would love to take it to the next level, ask them about the things most important to them. Have them make a list of the top five things that are the most important to them.

Me? I’m glad you asked!


This is my Achilles tendon. This is my absolute favourite thing to do. This is it for me. Travel. Six simple letters that rock my world. I put travel above anything else in life. It simply works for me, lifting me up from whatever hole I might’ve been putting myself in. It’s bliss.

I prefer having almost nothing in my possession, but a lot of plane tickets and accommodations all over the world, and be broke when I’m old. Travel is everything to me. Remember this? I decided on Conegliano. Google it :)


I know I might not be considered the religious kind. I have some pretty radical views over the church, religions and everything that’s wrong with it. But the truth is, God has proven to be very important for me in the past few years. I’m not talking God in the literal sense, the one from the Bible.

I’m talking God the loving kind, the understanding kind, and the perfect kind. The God that lives within us, loving everything and being fine with everything. Love, that’s the ultimate God, and if you believe in it, you’ll find that you can pretty much go over anything in life.

My mom

Mom drives me nuts from time to time. Just this morning, she was yelling at me to wait for her, in the middle of the supermarket, because she had to put a small, 500 grams on the trolley. Like, everybody was looking at us. I was too busy with being mad about breaking my phone 2 minutes ago.

I couldn’t hear her, so I got even more mad. But then I paced myself. This is the person because of whom I exist. This is, as far as I’m concerned, my only provable Creator. Well, dad helped too. She is my mom, the person I love the most, regardless if she drives me mad or not. Sorry for this morning, mom. You know I’m an idiot. Love you!


There’s a lot of diversity out there. Meats, fruits, vegetables, dairy, sweets, the works. But if I were to pick one, just one food as my favourite, I’d have to go with shrimp. These bite-sized sea-given delights are simply delicious, and I can’t live without them.

I’m the biggest foodie I know, so it was very hard to choose my favourite food, but when faced with the decision, shrimp felt like the very best way to go about the task.

Clean sneakers

Seriously, guys, women sacrifice so much time and effort to make themselves even prettier than they are for us. The least we can do is to put on a pair of CLEAN shoes, right?

Although most of the time my hair is a mess, my clothes are just randomly picked out of the dryer and my sunglasses have seen better days, I NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE without a spotless clean pair of sneakers!

It’s the least I can do because, God is my wittness, the face doesn’t help…

Thank you for your time!

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