This is Why I Schedule My Most Demanding Tasks in the Morning

Day 101/365: For some reason, I am better off doing stuff that burn me out first thing in the morning

“Good habits are worth being fanatical about.” — John Irving

I’m a weird guy. I tend to get burned out from stuff that others may consider to be fun and entertaining, while feeling great when doing work, or reading, or having an interminable meeting. I woke up this morning and had two options for how to start the day, after having some quick breakfast:

  1. Dive straight into work and blogging and all of the fun stuff and then do the other things later in the day;
  2. Go out to do the groceries, buy a new suit for a party I’m attending later this week and then come home and do work.

For me, I’m not an avid fan of shopping. I do it because I have to, but if I were to put “shopping” and “work” on one of the categories between “burning me out” and “not burning me out”, I’d definitely go for the first one when it comes to shopping.

“I don’t like going shopping, especially for clothes” — Gabriel Iosa

I like doing it online where I don’t have to wait for a booth to be available, in order to try some clothes that I’ll probably wear only once. It’s ridiculous.

So to summarise, shopping is nagging me out. Which is why, when I have things like shopping, meetings, dentist appointments and all the other fun stuff, I always schedule them first thing in the morning. I found that this way, everything seems a lot more tolerable to me.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” — Walt Disney

I’m much calmer in the morning, I’m not that knocked out from all of the work from during the day, and just more into whatever it is that I have to do. Doing these things in the afternoon is a big “no-no” for me because, in my books, afternoons should be left alone for biking, reading, family talk, dinner and visiting some friends.

Mornings are the best for doing things that really feel like chores to you.

For you, it might be work, or it might be shopping or meetings, as for me. Whatever they might be, schedule them for immediately after breakfast and see how that’s working for you. It works for me, and while I’m not stating that I have it all figured out, it might be worth a giving it a shot from you too.

Thank you for your time!

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