To Dare Is To Do

Day 78/365: Are you stuck in the daring circle and can’t do stuff? Been there…

Football is both a psychological and a physical sport, but more psychological, as any sport is. If your mind is not in the right place, you can be as fast as Usain Bolt, but you will never ever be able to play at your best.

That is why stadiums such as Wembley, which I visited last week while in London, have fully customizable lockers, which can be turned into the “home locker” of every single football team in the world.

The more interesting thing for me was the message that you see in the picture above. This is the last thing that the players read before entering the stadium, where some 90.000 people cheer and shout as they play. “To dare is to do” seems pretty straightforward, but it’s much more than a simple quote.

If you think about it, we so many times make plans and have dreams about our future and how we would like for it to look like. But for the most of it, we do little to nothing about it.

We always find excuses to never work on our actual dreams, but to focus on the problems of now or of tomorrow. We leave it in the hands of God or faith, but we believe ourselves to be courageous.

What a joke!

Doing is the ultimate proof of daring. If you dare to do something, but just say or think it, then that’s as useful as a needle in a haystack. Doing stuff is how you prove your courage and entering the “doing game” is the only way in which you’ll fight and conquer your fears.

If you do stuff, then daring to do more is going to become easier and easier, and you will ultimately just jump from wishing to doing, instead of wishing, then daring, and then doing.

Get out of the loop, just as football players do before every match they play, and the doing part of your life will get easier for you by the minute. Dare to do something, but never do it, and you’ll start to believe that you can’t do anything, even if the truth is you can, but you’re just stuck in the daring circle forever.

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