To Give Is a Gift — How Shocking Poverty Changed My Life Forever

Day 139/365: Dear parents, take your kids to a voluntary organisation now!

Photo by Peter Berko on Unsplash

About 7 years ago, I joined Rotaract.

For those of you who don’t know, Rotaract is the biggest (and the best!!) organisations for teens and young adults that want to engage in local or national charitable actions and make a difference in their communities. Soon, Rotaract will grow to 300.000 members in the entire world.

Rotaract Journey

For me, my 7 years journey as a Rotaractor has been amazing for two main reasons. The number one is the many friends that I’ve made not only in my hometown but all over the world. I’ve been to many countries for gatherings and big parties that simply remain with you for the rest of your life. There’s no party like a Rotaract party.

The second reason has to do with giving. I remember my first Christmas charity work alongside the Rotaract fellows. After gathering 2 tons of food and packing them into Christmas gifts, we went to the poorest neighbourhood in town to give them away. I’ve never been in the actual neighbourhood before, but just passed by it.

The Shocking Truth About Poverty

The neighbourhood is actually a set of 4 rows of apartment complexes. Most families, having anywhere from 3 to 9 kids, lived in single room homes, with no water, no electricity, some not even with a window.

A few days prior to the experience, I got extremely mad that my car broke down. I was still mad that I couldn’t use it for the charity, and was feeling lost and really angry about it. After seeing how some of the people of my city were living, that sentiment simply vanished.

I forever swore to myself to never get angry over material possessions.

I have a house with many rooms. I have a car which can drive me anywhere. I have a TV in each room, a fridge, a state-of-the-art stove, a living room, two smartphones, a Kindle, the list goes on.

Those kids had nothing.

I was shocked, and the truth is, I never really bounced back from that experience.

Save Your Kids From Mental Poverty

This is why I believe each and every parent should get their kids signed up for an organisation like Rotaract, or any other type of group that deals with local charitable work. It’s so important for your kids to not only read about the not so lucky people living around them but to actually see how they live. The everyday struggle. The lack of food, TV channels, clean water, Facebook and even clothes or toys.

It’s the most powerful and rewarding experience your child can have. It will forever change the way he or she sees the world. It will heal the kid off all of his insecurities related to material possessions, which is an epidemic in our schools and communities.

Open your kid’s eyes now, by simply allowing them to gift to the less fortunate. To give is the ultimate gift.

Thank you for your time!

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