Waiting Gives The Fear Devil Power

Day 145/365: Act now, as “later” is never a good idea

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We all have fears in our lives. I myself fear stupid things sometimes, like a simple, yet loooong drive, or eating too much, getting too tired or catching a fucked up disease and then die a painful death.

Fear is humane.

What’s not humane is waiting for the fear to be over. That’s not how fear works. Fear is made worse by waiting. The number one element that gives fear its immeasurable power is waiting. The more you wait, the more power the fear devil will gather, and the harder it will be for you to overcome it

How to become fearless

If you're very afraid of something, do it now. If you're extremely afraid of something, do it a minute ago! The only way you’re ever going to overcome your fears is by confronting them the minute they show up as fears on your mind’s radar. As soon as you feel a tingling in your chest and you want to pull out, that’s the moment when you need to act.

“Forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” ― Plato

The more you wait, the more time you'll give the devil on your left shoulder to mess with your mind and scare you to death. 99% of the time you’ll realise your fear was nothing more than a mind trick.

There’s that 1% when your fear will prove itself to be justifiable, but it’s a shame to live in fear of so many things when only 1% of them are actually things that you should be scared about.

Don’t put gas on an open fire. Don’t spend money you can’t pay for in the end. Don’t say the “L” word if you’re not 100% sure you mean it. Don’t trust anyone. And, most importantly, do not put ridiculous amounts of time into a fear that you can kill in seconds.

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