Was She The One?

Day 41/365: Life knows how to deal with relationships, love and so on. I hope it does. I suck at it…

It happened 2 years ago.

I was doing an article about a resort in the mountains. My job was to stay at the hotel for three days, free of charge, use all of the facilities and write an article about the whole experience. After the weekend past, I arrived at the bus station to get home, some 200 miles away.

As it was a Sunday, there was only one bus going in the direction I was going, so I waited in a coffee shop next to the station in a small city that I’ve never been to before.

I knew she was special the second I first saw her. She had big blue eyes, pale lips and short, red hair. The way she talked was different. I don’t know, maybe she got used to talking like that because of her job, but man, she was a delight. And, as the coffee place was empty, I asked her to join me for a cup of hot chocolate, and she did.

What followed, I made a promise I will never tell anybody. But it was the most amazing hour possible. In a word, we liked being in each other’s presence, and we knew something was up between us. Unfortunately, the bus pulled in the station at some point and I had to say goodbye.

Was she the love of my life?

I don’t know, maybe? Maybe is just me and my love for redheads. Maybe I am too young to understand this. Or maybe not. Or maybe I used “maybe” too many times and I will stop doing that now.

Only life will tell. If she was the one, I am sure life will get her back to me. In fact, if one of my exes is the love of my life, the mother of my kids, blah blah, without a doubt life will bring her back to me, because life somehow knows how this stuff work.

I certainly don’t. I suck at relationships. There, I said it!

Life gives you chances, adventures and one-night stands, but life only gives you love once. Life knows if what you’ve felt is real, or just another bunch of butterflies. So if she was the love of my life, I did not leave her behind, it’s just life taking its course and preparing us for the next time we’ll meet.

Thank you for your time!

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