What a Perfect Day in Prosecco Country Looks Like

Day 132/365: I had the most peaceful time of my life at a guesthouse in the middle of the prosecco region of Italy

Breakfast starts at about 9. You slept for 9 hours, so you wake up feeling rested and simply positive. You go downstairs, fill your plate with freshly baked bread, homemade butter and jam, and a strawberry tart on another plate, of course. You go outside on the veranda, and you eat everything slow, overlooking the vineyard hills like you were in a museum and you had the most beautiful painting in front of you.

After breakfast, you put on your most comfortable shoes and get on walking the hills. You always get to discover a new view, a new house, a new little castle and a new street, even if you walked across the same region several times. It simply is mesmerising to be able to climb up and down the vineyards, with not a single worry in your mind.

In the afternoon, you take the bus to go downtown, where a big pizza with goose ham, porcini mushrooms and real mozzarella awaits. You sit down and immediately get a fresh glass of Dolomiti Mountains sparkling water, on the house. The Italians know how to make you feel good.

This is followed by a glass of Villa Sandi Prosecco Superiore, one of the best prosecco’s in the world. The great thing is, the wine comes from the vineyards you just walked through in the morning. It can’t get fresher than this!

You decide to walk home after such a great meal, and sure enough, you stop for gelato at the place where you’ve been stopping for dessert for the past 2 nights. The sweet owner already recognises you, and knows you’re getting one pistachios and one melon. She serves you as if you were one of her cousins, and then you get to enjoy the most delicious ice cream on Earth.

I mean, I’m good with words, but that pistachios gelato is simply indescribable. It’s like nothing I have tasted before. So much better than the most expensive Magnum or Ben&Jerry’s special edition ice cream. And it only costs 1 euro and 30 cents a big scoop. That’s a steal!

The night ends with a final glass of homemade prosecco served by the owner of the guesthouse on top of the vineyard hills. He sits down with you, asks about your day and also talks about politics, the climate and cars. It feels like the home away from home you never knew you had. Like the second family a thousand miles away, but whom you’ve just met 2 days ago.

You’re leaving tomorrow, but you know deep down inside, this was just a trial for a bigger trip that you must take in this blessed region of the world. It simply is too good to be true, but nevertheless, it’s there in all of its glory!

Thank you for your time!

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