What Eddie Griffin Taught Me About The Power Of Words

Day 13/365: Yelling just one word made the audience go nuts!


For you, that word means nothing. For me, a native Romanian, that word brings up a couple of feelings, including happiness, shame, laughs, memories, blues, desire and lust. How can one word bring up so many feelings and emotions? Well, that word literally means… “pussy”. Not the cat, the female version. The… vagina. There, I said it!

“A bad wound heals but a bad word doesn’t”
Persian proverb

But words without context mean nothing, right? Well, yes and no. Take Eddie Griffin for example. He was doing a live show in Bucharest a few years back and when I learned about it, I booked my seat right away. I love his work, I think he’s one of the greatest of all times in his field and I had to see him. Which I did, and the show was really amazing!

Usually, jokes are some random words put in a certain order to create a funny sentence, which sometimes, hopefully, many times, induces laughter. So how is it that one word was enough for Griffin to make the entire audience laugh and laugh, over and over again, just by saying it as if he were out in the mall parking lot, not minding about cursing and the police?

Words are the most powerful tool that humans have

It’s amazing how words can do that, shred your insides apart and then put them back as if nothing happened

You can influence both happiness and suffering just with words, even with the same words, if you use them wisely. Words are the most powerful source of good that we have, higher than money, higher than health itself, which is the ultimate goal for all of us.

When you speak your words correctly, you don’t need a lot of them. You can raise the dead with one word, open any door with one word, make a fortune with one word and as Eddie Griffin taught me, make an entire theatre laugh just by using one cleverly chosen word. One word that has meaning to everyone, so good that it needs no content, no joke, nothing.

Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out. This is a great lesson in any situation, as with power comes great responsibility and when words that are spoken come into view, you need to make sure they’re the right ones. I’m not saying you should overthink every word, but the important ones. Overthinking for a few minutes before saying a word or two that can change your life forever? That is healthy, no matter what psychologists say.

“Christians say Jesus is the messenger. Muslims say it’s Mohammed. I say who gives the fuck who the messenger is, did you get the message?” — Eddie Griffin

Thank you for your time!

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