What the Hell is Booker and Why I Believe it will Dominate Book Discovery

Day 47/365: My 9 all time favourite books that you have to read this year and why you should join a book discovery service

Gabriel Iosa
Feb 16, 2018 · 6 min read

Reading is one of those habits that grows on you the minute you find one favourite book series. For me, I formed a healthy habit of reading after the Harry Potter series.

I grew up with the books and loved them to my very bones, but unknowingly I also developed a love for discovering and reading more and more good quality books. Reading is one of those things that we sort of hate when we’re younger, as we are forced to do it by our teachers, but that somehow makes sense for us the more we advance in life.

Unfortunately, people are lacking the motivation to even look for new books to read, let alone actually reading them. Why? Because, besides having a broken publishing industry, there’s nothing cool, nor social about reading anymore. That’s why I think apps like Booker will thrive in 2018.

You just hover over the book and you get the (honest and short) review!


The problem with the books industry is that everything is now done on demand. Think about it: People ask for certain books, and the industry delivers. The quality is exchanged for the quantity and the value in turn for the immediate need. When was the last time you saw a book that went crazy in sales?

It’s been years since that ever happened because demanding books are only reachable to the demanding audience, which is limited and the contents of the books have nothing to do with literary value or any other boring stuff. Which is why, just like bad albums, most of them remain unnoticed, and for good reason. There’s no more discovering new books, interesting novels or non-fiction life-stories, there’s just demand and delivery.

The industry suddenly turned into a catering service overnight, having little to no interest in learning about what readers would really love to read, but just pushing some buttons, hiring some cheap writers and come up with a book that they can sell now. They just repeat the process the next day and that’s about it.

Besides that, we’re facing a bombardment of social media, fake news and other fun stuff that people bite into and are forever hooked or completely confused by. Reading is not cool anymore, so people simply stopped looking for good books because they know that they can’t find something new, good and interesting to read, or they can just read a snippet of some book online and they’re done with it.

The problem is with us because we developed a bad habit towards reading and it all comes down to discovering new, good books that we’d just sit down and devour. Rekindling our love for books comes from discovering our next favourite read.

3 of my 9 top favourite books. Click here for the rest of them!


Booker is a new book discovery platform. What’s that, you ask? Simply put, this app asks you for your 9 most favourite books of all time and then lets you describe them briefly.

Once that’s done, Booker lets you follow certain people, like friends, family or other online bookworms that you like (bloggers, influencers, etc.) and then allows you to discover new, exciting reads based solely on your preferences.

Booker is to books like Tinder is to dating, or Facebook to sharing, or Instagram to photography. Booker allows you to find your next great read after carefully taking into account your preferences, but also the preferences of the people you trust and like, as they certainly have a lot in common with you on the reading side.

This not only allows you to make new friends and discover new great reads, but incites you into reading more and more, because discovering a book that you can “click” with is a million times more effective and fun than just searching on Amazon, for hours on end, to try and find a “bestseller” or a “recommended” book that in reality is making the top of the lists because that’s what the companies want you to buy and read.


The goal with these types of apps is not about finding the new books themselves, as books and preferences are subjective, personal with each and every one of us. These tools simply work by putting the habit of reading online, making it fun, interesting and cool. It turns reading into something digital. With that, reading becomes a trend, a newly discovered habit that is shareable and valuable in the online, as well as in the offline world.

It really is hard to find great books to read these days. We value every minute of free time that we can get and have many different ways of spending it, whether by going to dinner with a loved one, meet with friends, shopping, travelling and so on. With that, we’re always walking on a fine line between making the most out of our reading time, as in finding a great book that’s not a time-waster and stumbling upon a terrible book that was shoved down our throats by ads and never wanting to read ever again because of that one terrible experience.

Imagine a platform where only the best of the best books are on display on the virtual shelves of your most precious friends, favourite bloggers, celebs, or book critics and so on. Just a short description, nothing fancy, but a clear idea from each of the bookshelf owners that those 9 books that you see and that they choose are the best they’ve ever read and a few words on why you should give them a go immediately.

That’s what the Booker app does, that’s the vision of the platform, and my guess is that, for all of us bookworms out there, it will become the meeting point and the ultimate staple in book discovery world. I will personally never go and grab a book from an ad or a fake review you find on Facebook.

Moreover, with the whole book discovery tools that are out there being messed up completely, you need help in finding a book that has true potential and adds value to your time and life. A book that you’ll love and read to the end without a single hesitation or too many breaths.

By connecting with the people you know, you instantly connect with their 9 must-read books of all time. It’s that simple, and because of its simplicity, it’s brilliant. All the good things that are brilliant are simple, but don’t let that fool you. I myself am loving the app until now and I cannot wait to see what the developers have in store for it because something tells me this is just the beginning for this book discovery idea.

P.S.: Here’s my Booker, with my 9 all time favourite books and a short description for each of them. Follow me, I’ll follow you back!

Thank you for your time!

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