Why I Can’t Live Without My Fridays

Day 103/365: This is how my ideal Friday looks like

I need my Fridays.

If there’s one day of the week I’d be a total wreck without, that is definitely Friday. Why? Because it’s somehow my most productive day, yet the day I look the most for relaxation and pleasures.

It starts great in the beginnings of the day. First, I go out for a nice breakfast, usually pastry and a hot cup of coffee or a hot chocolate. I eat it on the go, or if I set a meeting for that morning, I’ll have it with that person.

Next, I’m off to the office (so back home, where my office is now) and ready to do some work. My productivity is 50% better than on any other days of the week. Why? Because I’m rushing it. Yes, I know, writing especially for money is not indicated to be rushed, but I’m rushing it in a smart way.

I simply do more in less time. I forget about Instagram and email, and I just dive into work and somehow manage to finish an article in that 45 minutes slot that I talked about some articles ago. I block all distraction because it’s Friday, and Fridays are meant to be enjoyed, not spent at a desk.

“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.” — William S. Burroughs

When 2 PM comes up, I’m done with work and already scheduled my Medium daily post to go live at 7 PM local time, as I’ve been doing for the past 100+ days. Then it’s off to biking if it’s nice out, or reading if it rains. Then I’m usually out for dinner with some friends, or with family.

Finally, I spend the rest of Friday night in bed, with a bowl of Nachos and a good beer, watching Romanian’s Got Talent and just drifting off to sleep knowing that I don’t have to do any work the next morning.

That’s bliss. You can’t do that on any other day of the week except for Saturdays, but Saturdays don’t count. Saturday is the weekend, the rest is just marketing and jibber-jabber.

So yeah, take what you please away from me, but don’t take my Fridays!

Thank you for your time!

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