Why I Subscribed to the Printed Version of The New Yorker Magazine

Day 109/365: I wanted to do this forever, and now I did it!


The year is 2018, the month is April, and the date is the 19th. It’s a gloomy Thursday where I live. I could barely make it to the coffee shop this morning, cutting through the fog with my 2007 Opel Astra hatchback. I love my car, I really do. Been driving it for 4 years now and only had to take it to a shop twice, and for minimal repairs.

“That’s great value for money!” — Gabriel Iosa

As you know, people are going further and further away from printed books and newspapers. When was the last time you read a magazine, for example? I’m not talking about the time you waited at the dentist and tried to fool your mind with a magazine while it was telling you to make a run for it.

I’m talking about a real magazine, that you had a subscription for, and that was delivered to your door? I can say that never happened for me in years. I used to have a subscription to “Good Food” back in the days when I was working as a journalist. Nowadays, people read their books and magazines from Kindle or their laptops.

Me? I’m much weirder than regular people.

Which is why, some weeks ago, I subscribed to The New Yorker. I couldn’t resist being able to afford it, and not subscribing to an actual magazine that I’ve admired for years. I opted for the 3 months subscription and only paid $20 for it. A steal, a real bargain!

Of course, I live in Romania, so my first issue isn’t here yet, although it was supposed to arrive on Monday. This is what you get for being born in an Eastern-European country. It takes months for a package to arrive at your door. If it ever does, of course.

Still, the very kind lady at New Yorker with whom I talked over the phone helped me out and told me that the printed version will arrive in a few days, and helped me set up the online stuff. I can now access every article on the site and also the magazine’s archive, April 16th number included, for as many times as I want. I’ll wait for the printed version of course, which I’ll be reading in my garden, over breakfast.

I dreamed of reading The New Yorker over breakfast in my garden for years now. I can’t help it but be excited about it. It’s just a magazine, I know, but it means much more than that to me. I just hope the postal services won’t screw this up for me and send it to Bulgaria or something like that…

P.S.: Speaking of magazines, there’s a new online magazine that was just released yesterday. I contributed with an article and it was chosen to be the magazine opener, which is a great honour for me! The magazine is called #WRITETOTELL and you can find its first issue here.

Thank you for your time!

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