Why I Travel With Just a Carry-On

Day 123/365: No, I never take checked baggage!

Photo by Bambi Corro on Unsplash

Please stop taking the whole wardrobe with you when you go on a 3-day trip to another city or country. Please stop taking your laptop, tablet, three smartphones, Kindle, Nook, a second laptop, desktop PC and the old Blackberry which all need a different bag in order to fit. Please stop wasting another $100 for an extra baggage, just for your scarfs?!

I’ve seen many people overpacking when they travel. It matters less to them if they’re going on a one-month trip to Africa, or just one stop away from their city for a 2-day weekend to a spa centre. If they can’t carry half their belongings with them, they might as well stay at home and play Omaha.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us”

The truth is, all you need for your trip is a carry-on, which is usually free to take on board the aircraft and can encompass all you need for your trip. If the trip is 3 days or shorter, there is simply no need for a checked baggage. I don’t care what you say, stop right there and don’t book a checked baggage!

What to pack in the carry-on

You need some clothes, a change of underwear for every day of the trip, a laptop and a phone. And some toiletries. That’s it. Some T-shirts, a pair of jeans, a jacket or hoodie if it gets chilly during the afternoon or night and maybe, just maybe a hat or a cap. That can all fit in the carry-on with ease.

Only take clothes that you know you’ll absolutely wear, nothing else. You’re wasting time and energy by carrying unnecessary clothes with you.

I’m getting ready to fly to Italy this weekend, for a week retreat to the prosecco county of Veneto, in the Northern part of the country. I’m only going to be flying with a carry-on, as I’ve been ever since I can remember. I’ll be just fine with my small backpack, and nothing else. You know why?

Because nobody needs a Pull&Bear store’s worth of clothes when they go on vacation, especially a 3-days-long one. Nobody!

You crazy overpackers…

Thank you for your time!

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