Why Snapseed is My Favourite App Ever

Day 61/365: Why I think Snapseed should not be absent from the home screen of your mobile phone

After asking you to help me with an overall, but not strict topic for the month of March, a lot of you guys commented and emailed me about it (thank you for that!) and I decided to give these next 31 days a “favourites” kind of vibe. I’ll talk about my favourite shows, books, foods and drinks, places to visit and so on, but today, I just wanted to introduce you to what is probably the most amazing, simple to use and powerful app in the entire Google Play store.

Introducing Snapseed!

Snapseed is incredible. It’s a simple, yet a revolutionary app that is only available on Android and iOS phones and tablets, so you can’t use it on a PC for example, like with Lightroom, but then why would you? Most of the stuff that we share on our social media channels are posted there via our phones. I am an avid fan of Instagram and post on the platform regularly, and also add photos to my Story every 4–5 hours.

Snapseed allows even the most uneducated photographer to take a photo from his phone, put it through the app and, with a few touches of the screen, and ten seconds of his time, come up with the best version of that photo.

I love the fact that there are a lot of preset modes for me to chose from, like “Morning”, “Accentuate” or “Pop”, but also the “HDR” feature, which lets you chose from 4 different types of intensities depending on how “dramatic” you want your picture to look like at the end of the edit.


Here are 3 pictures that I snapped with my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone the other day. I should mention that the camera on the phone was changed after I dropped it a few months ago, and the quality of the pictures have never been the same with the new camera, as they were with the original one. Nevertheless, here’s a comparison of the photos that I took during the snowy days at the beginning of the week, a “before” and “after” look at them.

Left: normal phone picture, overexposed and overall grainy; Right: white balance done right, and the skies are perfectly exposed.
Left: again, overexposure especially because of the white snow; Right: black colour perfectly represented, and the image just pops!
Left: the white road is very striking, although not entirely accurate; Right: you can see the marks of the trucks that removed the snow in the morning.


Look at just 2 examples from my Instagram feed. These photos have gathered over 400 likes a piece, more than 10% engagement on my travel related profile, which is a very high number to reach for these days. I still continue to use Snapseed for my Instagram photos, and so far it has never failed to drop my jaw at how it can improve the colours and overall looks of my photos.

One of my most appreciated photos on Instagram. The differences are stunning!
With this one, the differences might not look like much, but the yellow light, the hardest to get right in photography, is PERFECT in the final photo.

Keep in mind that the edit work on this photos was done in less than 3 minutes on each of them. You need no previous knowledge of Lightroom, Photoshop, photography or anything else. Yes, the Instagram batch is done with a DSLR camera, but still the results in both cases are impressive for a free app that you can use and take with you anywhere you go.


Download Snapseed now. This is not a sponsored article or something. In fact, I tried to look for a donation form where I could send at least 10 bucks for the creators of the app, as they truly deserve them. If you know where I can donate to this app, please let me know!

Thank you for your time!

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