You Don’t Like Me? Great!

Day 136/365: “In the end, the Universe tends to unfold as it should” — best movie line in the world

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Here’s a little clip I go to every time I feel like it’s not fair that someone does not like me. Like, at all. When I feel like someone hates me just for the way I look or talk, or for the things I do. It’s a clip from a silly movie, that’s right, but listen to the universal truth the character reveals at the end.

This is such an amazing monologue to have in a cheap comedy movie, I can’t even begin to talk about how amazing it is. This guy has all these problems, and yet he’s calm and fine with his life.

Not being loved by everyone is fine

The main idea is, you can’t hope to be liked by everyone. Heck, you don’t have to. It would be complete madness to even try to be pleasing to more than a few people. And even to them, if you’re not you, it’s useless to try and impress them with something that you simply are not.

I even have family members that don’t like me. And who can blame them? I’m arrogant, I’m always making silly jokes about them and I’m always late at family gatherings because I slept one off while everybody else was taking a shower and getting dressed. Who cares?

Not being liked by some people, even if those people are some of the people you want to be liked by is totally fine.

Hate is a sign of internal struggle

I used to be a journalist in a town where everybody knows everybody. I was hated by so many people, it would take me another daily blogging year to tell you all about it. I had people call me and threaten me that they would beat me up because of some article I wrote about them. I saw it all, and the level of hate that was sent my way was over 9000.

The thing is, it took me 6 years to understand that the people that were hating me had nothing to do with me, but themselves. They had their own internal problems that were somehow made better if they’d hate me a little bit. Or a little more. They found a sort of momentary relief if they were to do that, and there was nothing I could do to avoid it.

I was a journalist, so some of the hate was accounted for. It’s not easy to find yourself on the front page of a newspaper, so it’s only natural to hate the author of the article that put you there. But in the end, it was not the author who made you steal some public money, or deal some drugs or whatever it was that you did. You put yourself in that position, not the journalist.

Be smart, and don’t judge anybody. Let them love or hate you. Don’t get too aggravated by what they think about you. In the end, it matters less. If you’re fine with who you are, and willing to work on the things that bother you, not anybody else, it means you’re on the right track.

Let the people hate, let them talk and let them not like you. It’s all fine, if you know better than that. If you don’t you’ll hate yourself, which is stupid.

Thank you for your time!

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