As far as introductions go…

Where do I start?

I’ve always kinda wanted to write. I am not much a speaker anyway, and so, this format may be better suited for me. My point may come across more efficiently. There is also the chance that it might not. You might not care at all, and that’s ok. My name is Gabriel, by the way.

With the help of this platform I am going to be documenting my reactions to different types of online news items. To be clear when I speak of ‘reactions’ I am referring to rating the overall emotional quality that arises from reading and reacting to the article etc. Upon providing commentary, thoughts and opinions I will provide a rating from 1–10 with 10 being the most positive.

At the end of this assignment, I will tally an average score of all the items and compare that score to emotional quality of the given day as well as the starting point. If I have confused you, I sincerely apologize.

You may be asking why I’m doing this. This assignment is giving me a chance to engage with digital tools. While putting me into contact with topics such as fake news, digital citizenship etc. It is also meant to have a ‘mindfulness’ aspect to it. I truly believe that one must be mindful, especially when dealing with the news in general.

Here I will be listing the first score, since it is the starting point. It also serves as an example. The score stands at a 7. Not too bad at the moment.

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