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It’s a weird year to take up racing and running. Marathons are closing all across the country. Fires are making running in certain parts of the US difficult to accomplish outside. But pandemics have strange side effects. For me, taking up running was one of those. When I took up running in March, I don’t think I could have imagined myself volunteering to run 13.1 miles. In fact, I’m still in shock that I signed up.

But as the months have gone on and my runs have gotten longer, I’ve grown to love it. I eagerly look forward to Saturdays…

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Seventy-five years ago on August 6, the United States dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. Three days later, it dropped a second on Nagasaki.

In American history books that are taught in schools across the country, the story goes something like this. Nazi Germany was in the process of creating an atomic bomb and so in order to win the war, the US had to build faster. The US, UK, and Canada worked together on the Manhattan Project and completed the first atomic bomb in 1945. …

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Madness and uncertainty seem to be at a fever pitch since the beginning of 2020. Political anger, pandemic, financial and physical uncertainty — just to name a few topics that have probably been on your mind recently. With all of these emotions prevalent both in my own thoughts and in the conversations I have with my friends and family, I couldn’t help but want to write something about the one question that has been most on my mind.

How can I be more compassionate?

Because like it or not, so many of the things that are causing panic nowadays are…

And how it can do the same for you

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For most, if not all of my life, I have hated running with a deep enduring passion. Pounding the pavement reminded me of those traumatic gym classes where we were measured by how quickly we could run a mile. I couldn’t understand why people seemed to enjoy it.

But then the pandemic happened…

Suddenly, I was cut off from the world of gym classes, ellipticals, and yoga options. What other options did I have? I won’t lie — I was certainly resistant at first. I signed up for online at-home workouts. I biked for an hour every other day. But it just wasn’t enough. I…

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I think I am like most people when I say I did not expect to fall in and out of a toxic relationship in my twenties. Even more so, I did not expect that toxic relationship to have such a profound impact on the life I am living now. …

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The first thing anyone know about writing a book is that is more difficult than it seems. Some authors spend their entire lives writing about one thing and other authors write serially, producing one book after another. But in both cases, each new beginning and end presents its own set of challenges and difficulties.

That is not to say that you shouldn’t write a book.

I’m of the opinion that anyone can write a book if they have enough nerve, over-confidence in their craft and stubbornness to outlast the inevitable writers block. If you a) think that what you have inside your head is worth putting to paper, b) possess enough…

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Being a tourist in your own country is the kind of title I would expect to see on a blog post waxing poetic about some undiscovered small East Coast coastal town in Maine. Instead, I find myself using it to talk about a two week road trip that my then-fiancé, now husband, took across large swaths of the Western United States. As a Virginia native, I haven’t seen much of manifest destiny that many of our forefathers discussed. We naturally learned about Thomas Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase and about Lewis and Clark’s treacherous journey from coast to coast in school.


And take a real vacation instead

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Like many other workaholics, millennials who work 40/7 work weeks, and social media addicts, I’m the first to admit that I have trouble turning off. With the constant and easy access to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and popular news sites like The New York Times and the BBC, it can sometimes feel irresponsible to take a break from the barrage of media at your fingertips.

If you have an RSS feed like myself, leaving it for a day, or god forbid a week, would result in hundreds if not thousands of articles all waiting and accumulating as I write. It’s enough…

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When they first kickstarted their plan in September 2018, founders Joy Shi, Emmy Song, Stephanie Wang, Laura Yao, and Ashley Ye had no idea that their InteGIRLS competition would inspire such excitement both locally and nationally. The first annual InteGIRLS Competition was hosted at Montgomery College on May 18th from 10am-4pm. More than 100 high school and middle school girls attended the competition to test their skills at this all-girl event.

But where did the idea come to create this unique event? Founder Joy Shi says that her inspiration came from the sense of being the “only girl” involved in…

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If you’re a writer, like myself, you have likely experienced the annoyance and soul-crushing frustration at being stuck in writers block. You sit, staring at your computer, starting in fits and bursts but never getting more than a paragraph or a line into what you want to write. You find other outlets. You procrastinate essays and pieces and write short gimmicks on Medium instead. You latch onto distractions and turn into long rambling trains of thought that never seem to find resolution.

You find anything at all to do instead of what you ought to be doing.

I like to imagine experiencing writers block as being led into a special area of a prison, where…

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