selfie response

In the photo on the left, everyone is equal. It doesnt matter what our ethnicity is, socioeconomic status or sexual orientation because we are all playing a sport together like a team. We all come from different places, some were raised in a wealthy setting and others barely pushing to get by, yet we all ended up in the same place doing what we love. Much like the photo on the left, the photo on the right shows two people with different ethnic backgrounds. Our socioeconomic status has no role in the picture and just shows to people enjoying nature.
For the bottom two photos, it shows two people from the same ethnic background except with different qualities. For anyone who didnt know us, they would think it is a caucasian male and a mexican female together. However, in the picture on the right, it doesnt matter what our background was, it shows two people who love America and are bonded by that. In the photo on the right, sexuality becomes more evident by looking at the body language. The closer two people tend to be, the more one can assume there is a connection. As for the picture on the left, socioeconomic status can be assumed due to the nice clothes being worn however one can only assume what that status might be.

What: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but how accurate are those 1,000 words. In almost all of my photos, a selfie captures my personality of always being happy and always smiling. Ever since I was a baby, I have had a big smile on my face in all my photos. However, for these photos in particular, there are things a selfie doesnt tell you. Specifically on the bottom left picture, it doesnt show in all of the photos about my identity is my disliking to dressing up. My style is very plain and simple and dressing up in fancy clothes doesnt make me feel like myself. It’s easy to fake happiness or socioeconomic status or practically anything else in a photo with all the new editing apps out, so it seems almost impossible to fully understand and trust a photo now a days.

So what: In this generation, the way to keep in touch with peers is by social media and a big part of social media is through photographs whether its of you, food, or nature that represent you and what you’re doing in life. I think my generation changes from my parents in the sense that my generation is much more sophisticated. Back then, there wasnt social media and texting and all these other forms of communication which allows a bigger oppertunity for things to get miscommunicated and misunderstood.

Now what: Stereotypes are something that we as human beings cant seem to seperate from. There are some people in the world that only see me as a mexican. They assume I’m from a lower class family, I am uneducated and that I may be a troubled kid. However, I also get the sterotype of being a rich and stuck-up kid because I grew up in Orange County. Of course I’m not perfect and I catch myself sterotping people but there is so much more to a person then how they look or where they grow up. I think its important that for my semester working with these kids in the community and anywhere else, to get to know them as a person. To see what they like and don't like, what they’re passionate about and what their dreams are and from there, form an opinion of them as a person.