Important Message from Dolores Huerta to Voters in Hayward, CA

The following letter from Dolores Huerta explains why the Hayward voters should vote Yes on Measure C. Measure C would move Hayward City elections from June to November, increasing voter turnout and saving the City $138,000.

To Hayward Voters,

We must work to remove all obstacles that stand in the way of Hayward residents voting. By holding City elections in June, when overall turnout is much lower than November primary elections, too many Hayward residents are not voting for their own local elected officials and policy.

Hayward’s Measure C is a simple change that will have a tremendous effect on voter turnout. By moving Hayward’s City elections from June to November voter turnout will nearly double and Hayward’s diverse population will be better represented at the polls. In the Presidential Primary of June 2012 only 15,925 Hayward voters cast a ballot, but in November 2012 42,192 Hayward voters participated.

Cities across California are looking for ways to increase voter turnout, and time and again the remedy to falling turnout is aligning elections with the November general election. All other cities within Alameda County have moved their City elections to November.

For generations activists have worked to bring more voters to the polls so the voices of all different types of people are heard. Hayward voters have a chance to ensure more voices have a say in the governing of the City this June, by passing Measure C.

We must move people, voting makes democracy work.


Dolores Huerta

Civil Rights Activist Dolores Huerta