Benefits of 1 on 1 Private Tutoring

Private tutoring has proved itself as a very effective way of achieving better academic results for many students. Not all of us can concentrate and focus in crowded areas, and it doesn’t have to necessarily mean that a student is suffering from an ADD syndrome, in most of the cases it is just a matter of a sudden attention drop due to various circumstances. Of course, even a small problem, whatever it may be, can cause big troubles when lectures continue and the student is missing an important part to fully understand the further development of the subject.

On the other hand, traditional system of class organization and approach is sometimes really hard for creative individuals of all ages to comprehend. Sometimes, students cannot focus because they simply can’t relate to unchallenging environment. All of these reasons might lead to a conclusion that you should consider private tutoring.

Students prefer this type of approach because it allows them to develop their personal opinion about the matter at hand, and by staying engaged they are gaining deeper knowledge of the substance. This is why all families, no matter the status, feel almost obliged to pay for some personal, 1 on 1 tutoring for their child. If you are still not convinced, here are some facts that could prevail in favor of this system of education.


When you hire a private tutor, you can be sure that he/she will provide a certain level of commitment that you usually cannot expect from teachers. An educator can not only give a student all of its attention, but also adjust to the level of grade, age, and field. Instead of receiving a lecture that could’ve as well be recorded and played back to the class, a student can expect personal involvement and analysis, followed by the help through overcoming the obstacles one might have. On this way, during the class you are addressing the problem to its core, and by helping you to understand the subject, an educator is gradually removing possible psychological barriers, not just repeating the lecture.

And while we are on that subject, if the student has any form of need for special attention, due to dyslexia, sight impairment, or even previously mentioned ADD and ADHD, a certified educator is fully trained to adjust to that situation as well. Houston tutors, for example, will provide not just online tutoring services, but they are also providing therapy for exact problems like mentioned. Meaning that you can expect an adjustment to one’s needs, and overcoming difficulties to ensure that the matter has been thoroughly comprehended.


Sometimes a student just requires a different approach. When a teacher is giving a lecture to a class of thirty students, it is illogical to expect that all thirty of them have the same grasp of the subject at the end. Some teachers and professors are counting on their authority and status to motivate the students, but the reality is that a student will not draw a maximum from this effort by far. This is why the ancient Romans employed private home tutors for their children too. Well, that was a special type of an employment, but the emphasis here is on the awareness that only by this level of tutoring, little Romans could become motivated to take interest and learn more.

A tutor can find a logical pattern that suits a pupil, and apply it for any given subject. By doing so, his/her presence isn’t even a necessity for future learning. Once the student becomes aware of learning techniques needed for a prolific study, a tutor’s job is done.

If you had a tutor as a child, you are aware that the most you’ve paid attention to schoolwork was probably because of this form of help. No matter the status or a background, all students prefer one on one time and are investing in their academic progress through tutors, so if you have any doubts remember the Romans:

We must not only obtain wisdom, we must enjoy her.

Marcus Tullius Cicero