Unusual uses of cannabis you probably haven’t heard of

Gabriella Diesendorf
3 min readJul 3, 2018


Just because marijuana is slowly but surely being legalized in many countries of the world, that still doesn’t mean that we all are fully aware of cannabis’ uses. A lot of people mainly just want to get high, to propel their creative thinking and to relax their bodies, but do you think that they know that there is more to this plant than meets the eye? If you yourself are a bit baffled by hemp’s additional utilizations, let’s delve a little deeper to see what makes it so widespread and useful…

Killing cancer cells

We’ve all probably heard of marijuana’s medicinal properties, but here is how it exactly works. Studies in mice and rats have given us proof that cannabis might be able to help in cancer treatment, because the chemical compounds of cannabis actually kill the malign cells that can develop into cancer. It is still considered to treat only the symptoms, not the actual cause, but at least it blocks the growth of those vile cells and the development of blood vessels which help the tumor grow. It is now available across US and if you are lucky enough to live in Nevada you can find great cannabis offers. We are now a step closer to solving the mystery behind this disease, so cannabis is definitely our road to health.

Pain alleviations

We are aware that marijuana relieves us of pain and ailments, but we humans are not the only ones who suffer from physical (and mental) maladies. Pets too can be treated with this drug, especially those who are old and at the brink of death. Bigger dogs in particular, who can easily develop for instance hip dysplasia, can suffer great pain in their bones, so by administering medical marijuana to your dog, you can make a change. There are cases where dogs even have gained back their appetite, stopped vomiting and even began running around.

Clothing, sails and parachutes

History knows hemp very well and humans in the past have used it to make clothing and sails. Considering that ships where the major mean of transport from the 15th all the way up to 19th century, it was necessary to envelop a ship with a huge sail that will sustain even the most powerful wind storms out there. As for the parachutes, well, hemp was used in the Second World War, especially when the U.S. troops infiltrated the enemy lines from the sky. Even the U.S. Department of Agriculture developed a ‘Hemp for Victory’ programme which prompted farmers to grow hemp in order to supply the army with this much needed material.


Did you know that the First Church of Cannabis was established in June last year? Well, yes, now there is a god in the name of marijuana in Indiana and it is legitimate as well as legal. The Cannabeterians worship the healing plant and smoke it inside their church. They have even adapted their own version of the Ten Commandments, so maybe Moses did smoke a little pop when he had a conversation with the flaming bush. They can also help you learn about strains of cannabis, so by all means, join the club.

Rope in the Eastern Islands

Finally, the indigenous people that inhabit this distant island of the coast of Chile have been known to make ropes out of hemp. The mystery behind the huge statues that encircle this island is still a mystery, but at least the fact that they had rope back then explains many things.