another episode

his birthday — august 30th, 2016

the apple

today i threw an apple

onto the floor of

my parent’s bedroom

not gently but

quite hard in fact and

each succesive time



i don’t know

why exactly i did it.

i feel like

i’m becoming a bad person.

i tend to break things now

when im mad

or sad

or both

like that time i broke my phone

but no one knows about that

(i lied and said it fell off my bed

when i was asleep)

(is it just me or does lying come

so much easier to me now?)

but after i threw the apple

onto the floor three times and

it spattered into

tiny chunks

i got my dog and

he ate up the

little pieces.

it took quite some

time, he went from

corner to corner,

licking and lapping

them up with

his little pink

tongue but


he finished.

i guess what i’m


to say is

other people

clean up after

the mess i make.

not all at once, but




slowly too.

and i’m trying

to be okay with that.

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