Only Voter Suppression Can Stop Bernie Sanders
Tony Brasunas

4–26–16 — Bernie Sanders loses the fight for single-payer in his home state.

Senate budget leaves out health reform proposals by Erin Mansfield

Money to study health care expansion proposals is not in the Senate’s budget, and money for a Vermont Health Connect study is reduced. New positions at the Green Mountain Care Board are tentative.
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Gobeille : “He said the tentative nature of the deal created a dilemma where the state could either commit to fund four new positions — which include a lawyer and several analysts — or decide not to fund the positions and stop negotiating to set up the all-payer model with the federal government.”

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4–26–16 — Bernie Sanders Vermont legislature rejects school mergers.

Vernon bows out of Act 46 talks

“Vernon officials cited ongoing concerns about local budgetary control, future school closures, and the fate of the town’s unique school-choice arrangement. Board chair Mike Hebert said the vote should be seen as a rejection of the Act 46 Study Committee’s continued consideration of a union-wide merger on an accelerated schedule.”

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4–26–16 — Bernie Sanders journey from Mayor (1981) to Senator (2006)

Business leaders increase pressure to approve Burlington redevelopment deal

“This project will be a vast improvement over what’s there already,” said Pat Robins, a key player in building Church Street Marketplace in the late 1970s. The marketplace officially opened in 1981 — just in time for the city’s new mayor, Bernie Sanders, to take credit, Robins joked.”

Had Bernie routed Mrs. Clinton on Super Tuesday (4–26–16), would the council have gone ahead, in the hope that as the one time mayor became the democratic nominee for president? There would have been enough pressure to make the claim that because of Bernie, Burlington, Vt is the place to invest now.

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4–26–16 — Bernie Sanders’ Carbon Tax call to arms

House approves energy siting bill

“Substantial deference is not what allows [towns in opposition to current renewable-energy policies] to have the final say as to where solar siting projects should go in their own towns and municipalities,” Terenzi said.”

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4–26–16 — Bernie Sanders, prescription drugs and the rising cost of medicare

House backs prescription drug price transparency bill

“The most controversial language in the bill would require the Green Mountain Care Board to work with the Department of Vermont Health Access to identify up to 15 prescription drugs that the state’s Medicaid program spends significant amounts of money on, and drugs whose cost has drastically increased for the Medicaid program.”

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4–26–16 — Was Bernie and Jane Sanders refusal to release tax returns based on financial disclosure laws?

Legislators offer last rites for State Ethics Commission

“Baruth said the creation of the State Ethics Commission was slowed because senators were trying to, for the first time, set up their own ethics review panel, which they wanted to have similar requirements on issues such as financial disclosure. Some senators initially balked at financial disclosure, and Baruth and Sen. Joe Benning, R-Caledonia, took weeks convincing colleagues why that was important, holding up the bill in the Senate Government Operations Committee.”

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4–26–16 — Bernie Sanders’ opposition to the Affordable Care Act

Senate passes budget and revenue bills after debating changes

Sen. Joe Benning, R-Caledonia, introduced an amendment that would have directed a study of Vermont Health Connect to focus solely on exploring alternatives to the health care exchange. The language in the budget provides for a study that would look at alternatives but would also focus on diagnosing and offering suggestions to fix problems with the exchange.

Benning said the state should not spend more time and money making Vermont Health Connect work.

But Sen. Jane Kitchel, D-Caledonia, chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, said lawmakers need more information to fully understand whether the exchange is workable. “Is it totally a lemon or does it need a new carburetor?” Kitchel said.

That amendment failed, with 20 voting against and 8 in favor.

Vermont Health Connect — (ACA Exchange) —

- Vermonters without health insurance
- Vermonters who purchase insurance for themselves
- Vermonters who qualify for Medicaid or Dr. Dynasaur, whether or not they
 are also offered insurance from a job
- Vermonters who are offered “unaffordable” coverage by their employers

4–26–16 — Bernie Sanders’ plan for tuition free colleges

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Can you imagine how Bernie Sanders must have felt reading that his presidential candidacy platform was being rejected throughout the day as voters in PA, MD, DE, CT, and RI were going to the polls?

Bernie had to win last night. Only one of Bernie’s plans hold “back-burner status” in the “Ayer’s amendment, which does not come with any appropriation or anticipated expense, calls for a report on universal primary care. It was accepted on a voice vote.”

Universal Primary Care —

“Other amendments touched on various aspects of the budget, including the repeal of the University of Vermont’s rule that caps in-state tuition for Vermonters at 40 percent of the tuition charged for non-Vermont residents. That amendment was withdrawn.”

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