What Adele Taught Me This Weekend…

Artwork from www.justjared.com

The internet and social media have been buzzing about Adele’s new song, “Hello”. It’s a soul-stirring piece that I’ve found myself listening to since it came out.

Being the nerd that I am, every time I go to YouTube to pull it up, I notice how many people have viewed the video. At the time of this writing (Monday, October 26th, 2015) the video has been viewed over 70 million times. Of that, over1.6 million people gave the song a thumbs up and roughly 27,000 gave it a thumbs down. Let’s keep in mind that the video was released Oct 22nd.

Think about those numbers. Compute the math if you’d like. The staggering number of people that have given it a thumbs up, indicate that it’s a hit and will continue to break records. Some are even saying that it’s the song of the year.

Let’s not forget a very important piece here — the comments. Around 125,000 people have left comments on YouTube. I won’t even get into the social media posts that have popped up from everyone, including celebrities. This is where I found my lesson, and most importantly where we can learn.

Most of the comments wrote about how the song made them reminisce of past love, crushes, relationships, and pain. The number of strolls down memory lane has caused massive action. Everyone is talking about the power behind the lyrics.

In anything, whether life, career, or scholarships — people connect with authenticity. Adele has confirmed that for me this past weekend. She’s created a song that has a heart-to-heart connection. Seriously, I’ve read so many stories on social media regarding the memories people have had as they’ve listened to her voice and the actions that some have taken to rectify the past or to create a better future.

Evaluate your authenticity. Are you having heart-to-heart or head-to-head experiences with people?

There is power in honesty; there is power in vulnerability; and there is power in transparency. It’s okay to show that you’re a human. Seek to be authentic, rather than approved. Be yourself. Period.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gabrielle McCormick graduated from college DEBT-FREE with her bachelor and master degrees on the same day. She now has scholarships and opportunities paying for her doctorate. Since 2012, she has been teaching students and their families how to pay for college. Her unique and current approach to the “real college experience” has allowed her to share her success blueprint with parents and students from across the country.