This article was first published in August 16, 2019

The humanity which surrounds us day by day has become seekers of “rights”. Each of them knows what they deserve and insist to always get what they think they are deserving of. While others are like this, some people have grown into cheaters and selfishly view others’ goodness as their privilege to get what they wanted to satisfy their wants.

Then, our hearts were broken by people whom we trusted, yet they lied to us. Our hearts were broken by people who hate to see us excel than the mediocre–and then by an avalanche of discouragements, failures, weaknesses, sicknesses, and disappointments. Moreover, when we do not see the expectations we have for ourselves and the people, we love coming into reality, we lose heart. We get angry.

When we are pained, we turn to hurt them deeper in thoughts of getting the justice we deserve. When we are wrong, we intentionally cover it with the good things which we did hope that it will equate and erase the bad things that we did. When they have done wrong, we insist that they will ask forgiveness from us, but we have thoughts in our heads that if ever they do, we will shame them and not accept their apologies, for they do not deserve it. When we needed to humble down and say sorry, we often twist what happened, so instead of writing a love letter or a letter of our sincerest sorry, we invest our strength and time creating the longest list we can ever do pondering about the bad things they have done to us.

It’s hard to forgive because we always think we are doing this for them. But really, when we experience forgiveness, we can forgive others too. Also, we are giving ourselves a favor.

Say sorry before the sun goes down; ask for forgiveness with all your heart.

Forgive before the sun goes down, because you will never know how long you will bottle up that hatred and that anger if you do not take courage to accept an apology and forgive.

In the end, (and please don’t make the end unseen) say sorry. So either of you will get a good sleep at night. It is not easy forgiving others, no it’s not. But if it is so easy for us to carry hatred in our hearts,


Do you know that it is not bad to get angry? But there is a way of being angry which does not harden our hearts. Ephesians 4:26–27 says,

“Be angry, and do not sin”: do not let the sun go down on your wrath, nor give place to the devil.”‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

The word of God didn’t say “ you should not be angry” or “do not be angry”. It says, “ Be angry, and do not sin”. We can be angry at injustices, we can be angry at sin, we can be angry at sickness, so if you ever feel angry, it is normal for we are humans, but if you bottle up your anger and it hinders you to forgive others or ask forgiveness for your sins, then perhaps it causes you to sin and giving “place to the devil” as verse 27 says. ♾

Wonderful person,

I am sorry if this world is hurting you so much. I am sorry if they always break your heart. I am sorry if you always wet your pillows in the night, and you find no reason to get up in the morning. I am sorry if they let you down and you feel you are unimportant living each day purposeless. I am sorry if it’s hard for you to forgive quickly. I am sorry if you struggle asking for forgiveness. I am sorry… but please take heart, you are loved, you are special, and I believe you will learn soon to forgive as you receive it to how you give it.





Let that heart be free.

With love,
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6.22.19, 9:28AM

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