How to Network Market Like a Pro With Ray Higdon

After I lost over 100 lbs with a certain program, I decided that becoming a “distributor,” or “coach.” I had people everywhere wondering how I did it, and it was simple sharing what I have learned on the way, and what worked for me. I had a little success, but eventually it fell flat. Although I still use the product, I just got so worn out on trying to “sell” to people, and I think that’s very common with MLM, or network marketing companies.

Distributors and coaches are around every corner, especially on Facebook. I have seen several friends join and quit company after company, to find no success at all. On the other hand, I follow plenty of high ranking distributors who make an awesome living for themselves. This goes to show that it’s not a certain company or compensation plan that makes for success, it’s all in the personality and sales tactics of the individual themselves.

MLM expert Ray Higdon agreed to answer some pressing questions, to offer some insight into the most common struggles and triumphs of the successful MLM reps. Ray and his wife have had great success running multiple MLM businesses, and now they focus on helping others’ in the industry find success.

With so many different companies out there, how does one decide which is the best MLM company for them?

MOST people choose a MLM company by their product, while more entrepreneur-minded choose a company because of the compensation plan. Both are, in my opinion, the wrong reason to choose a company to build. You can be a consumer of a great product that may be missing certain business ingredients for you to ever attempt to grow it into a business.

The four main factors in choosing a MLM company TO BUILD are:

- Culture

- Community

- Support

- Leadership

Of course you should believe in the product and you should get paid fairly, but without those other factors, the chances of you succeeding are pretty low.

What do you think is the biggest problem in the MLM world today?

I really believe the biggest problem in network marketing right now is the lack of up to date and effective training, especially for social media. Decades ago if someone was terrible in their approach when reaching out to people they could only cause so much harm. Nowadays, even the person that does not have a large network of friends and family members are connected to hundreds on social media. Most companies are NOT teaching proper strategies for prospecting that translate to social media so these terrible, hyped, over the top pitches are being seen by lots of people online, which hurt the industry, company, team and person. We have a free training that anyone can attend that we designed to actually help people with this exact problem; the training isn’t done by me, but by my ever-talented wife, and people can watch it at

What one trait do you think makes for a successful network marketer?

A successful network marketer is someone who treats it like a business, and also understands that the business is NOT about them, but about utilizing a system that will work without them. The best goal a leader can have is to make themselves irrelevant in the growth of their business by using tools, resources and events.

Why do you think most people end up failing when it comes to running their own network marketing business?

Some of it is due to the improper expectations they are being told to entice them to join. Most of these promises are ridiculous and people should be smart enough to understand that you can’t get something great with no work.

The other one would be people desiring a business type income by putting in hobby like habits.

Is there anything new in regards to building an MLM or network marketing company or is it still focused around recruiting friends and family?

Finally more and more leaders and companies are embracing the fact that people ARE going to use social media. My wife built a team at age 21 all from Facebook people she did not know that was generating $10,000 a month. The majority of companies still need to train their field the RIGHT way to use social media but that is getting better. There is also more openness to people having a personal brand, which is really new to network marketing. With a proper personal brand you CAN attract people to you, versus always being the one pursuing others.

What tips do you have for growing a large organization, for others who may be feeling discouraged?

1. Remember why you started. This is important, there was a reason you joined that you hoped something in your life would improve, what was it?

2. Understand the alternative. If you quit, will you be able to overcome the obstacles in your life or possibly create freedom?

3. It is a marathon, not a sprint. I know people that make hundreds of thousands a year RESIDUALLY in network marketing that if you looked at their results their first five years, it was laughable. So what if it takes you five years to create freedom, could you do that with your job or whatever else you are doing now? For most people that answer is no.

“Someone once told me not to bite off more than I could chew. I told them I would rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity.” -Unknown