Back to basics: Leadership 101 in 8 TED lectures

The other day I had a month to take a mini-sabbatical where I focused especially on getting back to self-leadership and happiness. By that I mean, how can I manage my own emotions and intentions in order to be a better sales/marketing leader and craft a happier work environment.

  1. Morgana Bailey: "there are more dangerous things inside than outside"
    In this short lecture Bailey, who is a social activist, revives the old concept of shadow x light, and the danger of hiding our true self. Basically she states that hiding becomes a habit and one of a sudden people, in the work environment especially but also at home, barely notice that we start hiding one or two personality traits and end up acting like someone else. Silence, in this matter, has consequences. You can imagine like we are holding one of those pilates balls on the pool, trying to keep it under the water but sometimes it will slop
  2. Mihaly Czsikszentmihaly: "flow is the very secret to happiness”
    A lot of researches state, money does not directly correlates to happiness, but fully, concentrated presence does. When what you do is worth simply by doing it. Avoid apathy and anxiety, feeling that sublime arousal when the challenge is big enough to be fun, scary enough to be worthy. As leaders we should put more of everyday life into flow, ourselves and for other people.
  3. Linda Hill: Probably the leadership concept I have leaned on more often the past year. Leaders are not supposed to do anything exactly, but to set the stage, create the environment for people to shine. Give room for people to think, be free. Even known vision and direction are essential, set the stage is definitive. You, as a leader, a not in the stage and should not shine. Thats a hard one because, as a general concept, leaders tend to be leaning outward and have expansive personality traits.
  4. Roselinde Torres: Anticipate change and have a diverse network
  5. Shawn Achor: The author states we live in a cult to average, and has being questioning how we can move the entirety of average up. Only 10% of happiness come from outside, and happiness as a result in general does not work. Become happy now. Recomendas meditation, gratitude, exercice, journaling and practice general acts of kindness;
  6. Dan Ariely: Labor and work, how do you explain mountainism. Build legos. Meaningful condition, creating motivation is easy, destroying is easier
  7. Stefan Sagmeister: The power of time off, create cover for musicians. Put loves together. A lot comes from sabbatical
  8. John Maeda: Magic happening between arts and technology, what we can call design.