How to write a post manifesto

There are many people and companies starting to blog, given they just noticed content marketing is marketing itself in its 2015 name. Of course not always the right way or capably, but in these matters start is already a good thing especially in underdeveloped places with retracting economies such as Brasil. And a post manifesto is the place to start because it will give the tone for the upcoming posts and content. So how to structure it.

  1. Data, many data: Without raw data your manifesto won`t be more than opinions and dreams, which as a general rule nobody cares about.
  2. Who you are and how you got here: Were you looking for a job and decided to invent a new job seek platform, were you lost in the midst of Indonesia tsunami 2012 and invented a communication platform. Tell in which ways your story brought us here.
  3. Why does your subject matters: Data and story alone won`t do. Without clear statements of why your subject matters hardly will people even notice your very existence. Of course, why it matters to other people and to which kind of people.
  4. Why you have a blog and what does it offer: Not every business needs a blog (thats not true, although some can survive without it) so why did you decided creating a blog in the first place. Second, what can I expect to encounter here. Useful content, tips, interviews, rich material, other media… When we know what is ahead trip is shorter.
  5. How can we have contact, or what else are we to do: If I have a doubt, could I ask you and expect to be answered? Or are you developing a product or already representing one? Be clear and opened, otherwise with good free content people might think you are using your blog to money laundry.
  6. Straight to the point: Everybody knows it, just go through the text and try using your delete/backspace keyboard key.
  7. Maybe tell who is going to write: If your writing staff have good CV would be nice to highlight who will be posting. Of course that in case little Joseph from the corner (a cute expression we use around here) is the writer he might not be attractive.
  8. Organized and precise: According to simplicity gurus organization is one of the most important rules for people to understand and actually think your think is simple, so whether you move from broad to specific or deep to flat, make sure it makes sense and will easily resonate with all kinds of brains.

You and me know, you are making an attempt to change something because you noticed thats possible. Let us all know what it is.

Here a quizz for curious people, whose first blog post is this openning:

a. Welcome to the Small Business 2.0 internet and marketing blog. This is the first article being posted here so I thought I’d provide a little background and explain the motivation for this blog.

b. Ok, for some light relief on a Friday, we’re rehashing the classic Chuck Norris Facts to see what would happen if Chuck Norris decided to become a marketing expert and critique your favorite landing page.

c. Well, this blog is going to be regularly updated with topical content. What kind of content? Web DESIGN content. Web DEVELOPMENT content. Web MARKETING content. This blog is going to tie these three things together. It’s NOT going to be the crossroads of these things — it’s going to be the intersection.

d. When we sat down three months ago to start designing our product, we looked at digital photos and realized very few exciting things had happened in the last 5 years. We’re setting out to change that, and this release is our first step along the way.

e. My co-founder Bobby and I met at Stanford in 2009. I was a freshman studying Product Design and Bobby was a junior working on his B.S. in Mathematical and Computational Science. Our first project was Future Freshman — a site that would forever improve the way high school students applied to college. Or so we thought. The site failed to get traction but we learned something important — we loved working together.

f. We’ll be posting news, product update information, helpful tips, and, occasionally, thoughts on the world. Our goal is to give you the information you need to really enjoy using.