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Sometimes you want the ability to flip a feature on or off, or only give certain users access to new features in your application. Maybe you want to get user feedback before the final release? Maybe you want the ability to revert to the previous functionality with a single command.

With the Rollout Gem, this type of functionality is extremely easy and straight forward to set up in a Rails application.

Rollout allows you to enable or disable features without having to revert changes in the repository or promote different branches to production.

It does this by saving a “feature…

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Heroku is an awesome platform for hosting applications. It’s easy to use and offers a ton of integrations right out of the gate. This post is going to walk through setting up review apps that automatically build and deploy whenever a new pull request is opened on GitHub.

Why Review Apps?

Review apps are a great way to automate deployments for internal QA of new features before they are pushed to a staging environment. For example, with review apps you could:

  • Spin up new instances of your app automatically whenever a pull request is open.
  • Do internal QA with the link created for…

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Importing data from an Excel spreadsheet doesn’t need to be difficult. While Rails doesn’t include a native utility to handle these file types, there are several gems that make it quite easy to read/write Excel spreadsheets.

In this post, we will create a rake task and use the roogem to read from an Excel file and import data into the database.


We’ll start by adding the roo gem to our project. If you’re using Bundler 1.15 or higher, you can use the bundle add command.

bundle add roo

This will add roo to the Gemfile and install it. Alternatively, you…

November Edition

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At Echobind, we strive to create a culture that fosters growth, full of people who want to grow. Our aim is to constantly learn new things and share them with one another.

Our This Month We Learned series is a monthly piece about some of the things we’ve learned as a team over the previous month.

Winter is upon us, and with that comes the holiday season. Here are five treats we found in the month of November.

1. Deen shared with us how you can easily update multiple Git repos with a bash script.

If you’re working on a project that has multiple repositories — for instance, “client” and “server”. …

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