Apple Seach Ads Blueprint

Welcome to Search Ads Blueprint: (yes I wrote a book about it)

The book contains important information to help you make your Apple search ad campaigns as successful as possible. How to structure your search ads campaign, how to pick the right keywords, how to choose your audience, and schedule your ads — what you’ll learn here will give you the tools you need to build effective and successful search ad campaigns.

Although Search Ads it’s extremely new as a concept, the concept of bidding for keywords and paid traffic is not new at all. The challenge is how is Search Ads going to adapt with the way we approach user acquisition.

Note: Getting the most out of search ads requires continuous updates and experimentation. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in search ads, following the guidelines found in these pages will help you create and hone your campaigns to give you the best results so you’d be able to get the maximum possible return on your advertising investment.

So are you ready?

Great. Let’s do this — -> you can read the whole book or download it for free here.

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