Day 72: I’m enough and no, I don’t want to crush it in 2018.

I think this video that I recorded 3 months ago was designed for me to WATCH today — not 3 months ago ;)

Pretty ironic.

In the video, I told the world to chill out… but I didn’t … I said “stop trying to crush it all the time” and I didn’t follow my advice.

I took this 90 day challenge as a win or lose and not as a challenge designed to learn

I spent more time trying to win vs improving

I spent more time in the outside of vs the inside (I paid more attention to the outside world, vs my internal path)

I wasn’t wise enough

I wasn’t gentle enough with myself…


I made money.

But I lost my way along the way — sort of.

I crush it… but while doing it, I crush other things that were vital for my organic growth.

Life is more than hustle. Sorry mr Gary V.

The pressure of a entrepreneur it’s insane and in many times the Goal line is not setup by us, but by the peer pressure we believe exists out there.

But to be honest my friends… the world doesn’t give a shit about anything. Lady Gaga, North Korea, The Mexican Wall, Elmo… or the next startup.

You read this post, you press Clap or Like and then you move on.

Will you like me more , follow me harder, share more, if I had made more money?

Do you care how much is my recurrent income at then moment?

Will it make a difference if I show screenshots of my revenue? or the latest car? Or the logos of the company that hired me?

I don’t think so…

2018 will be the year of the ANTI CRUSHING IT.

Yes. I don’t want to crush it.

I want to grow. I don’t want to be killing it… I want to build … to let things flower in their own time.

Passion? Yes

Dedication? Yes

But also the capacity to enjoy the Silence.

The capacity to understand others

I want to preach kindness vs growth hacking.

I want to understand vs build blueprints

The capacity to let my own veggie patch grow.

I don’t want to be the McDonalds Drive Trough of productivity.

I want to be the Italian restaurant that takes care of the pasta with an slow artisan flavour… just like art. Just life life.

Come dine with me?

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