How to Build an App Business from Scratch in 3 Steps

Many of our clients started out as people with an idea for an Android app who had no idea how to turn their idea into an app, let alone turn a single app idea into an app business. Well guys, we have to tell you that it is not as difficult as you may think. Building an app business from scratch takes a lot less work than you may think. I want to take you on a special journey today, one that will take you up the path to Android app business success. We are going to look at how you can turn your single app idea into an app business, and make it a success.

Creating an app business is the only way you will survive in the cut-throat mobile industry. This is because people that download apps simply do not download apps from an app maker that only has one single app. Many view the lack of apps as a negative. Your lack of exposure brings will not build you a loyal fan base that is needed for a successful app. You need to build trust and a relationship with your app users, and the only way you can do this is by creating a brand

How do you turn your app business idea into an app empire?

1: Brainstorm — Take your idea and brainstorm all the words that come to your head while thinking about your subject area. These ideas can each be turned into separate apps.

Example: Niche — New born babies

2: Audience — Using the same brainstorming idea, write down the type of people that you want to attract to your apps. Think of age, gender, location and style.

3: Templates — You will now have two lists. One list of sub-topics, and one list of audience style. Match each subject area to an audience style. Once you have done this, look at the list of templates available. By taking a simple idea and using different template styles, you can turn this idea into multiple apps that will each capture different audience styles.

AppsGeyser has a range of over 50 different app templates styles for you to utilize for your Android app empire.

Just a few ideas for you on this niche market:

1: Wallpaper app — For all the newborn baby photos

2: Website app — Local hospital maternity advice

3: YouTube app — Capture those precious moments, from scans to first steps

4: Browser app — Educate your audience on the wonders of childbirth

5: RSS app — Create a maternity related search for all pregnancy or newborn related topics

6: Zip archive app — Create a document available off-line with all the must know advice

7: Games — Use our gaming templates to make a large list of games around your chosen niche

As you can see, from your initial idea to create an app around the topic of new born babies, you now have a list of 7 different apps that you can create. Now that is what we call an instant app business. Time for you to start your brainstorming session.

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