Pre-day 1 : 10000 Cold Email preparation


This is part of a Cold Email Challenge , where my goal is to send 10000 emails towards $30000 in sales. If you want to learn more about my previous challenge ($20000 recurrent in 90 days building an agency, follow the link… or join my Facebook Group)


1st of January and I’m working.

Yes, I’m the kind of guy that brings the laptop to the public pool and while people look at me like if I’m a crazy …. am I crazy?

May be I am… and while I see my kids swimming I wonder if “the rest of the world” …the people “without laptop” realise how easy is to their achieve financial goal if they just TRY something different. If they just “WORK” a bit harder..

Anyway… no more ranting and now time to start working.

Sending 10000 emails is not a lot, but in the way I plan to do it it’s going to be challenging.

I’m going to chose 10 different niches and each Niche will get from me around 1000 emails. Some niches may only require around 200 emails… based on how targeted the emails are.

Part of my commitment is to send 10 daily emails…. 100% from scratch, 100% customised.

10 emails each day for 2 months is not a lot… but it will keep my mind sharp and I will need to be constantly tweaking my strategy.

It’s a good habit

So I’m starting this on the 15th of January and I need to get things ready.

This is like cooking a feast. You need to have the ingredients ready

So far I have some of the things I need ….

Email Scrappers. I will useLead Kahuna.

Email “senders”. In this case I plan to use Mailshake and potentially…. we will see in a few days

Email copy. I will be using my standard 35 email templates + 20 new ones customized just for this event.

Unique phone number. So I can track the progress of any “call” coming form emails

Accountability: I guess having 7000 people follow me in my group will be enough accountability …

Plans for tomorrow:

Setup Email senders …. via Google business accounts.

Work on selection of 5 niches

Work on 5 new templates.

Be happy

Setup Scrapper.

World Domination (or at least take over this island… Australia)

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